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RingCentral Webinar APIs are in beta

The RingCentral Webinar API is currently in beta. Developers should be aware of the following:

  • While efforts will bbe made to notify developers of changes that may impact them, no guarantees are offered around backwards compatibility. Changes can be introduced at any time that may impact your applications.
  • Webinar APIs are not currently available in our sandbox environment and developers are asked to do development in our production environment.

Partners wishing to build products for RingCentral customers should apply to the Webinar Partner Developer Program to obtain a free Developer license for RingCentral Webinar.

The following glossary will help you better understand some of the nuances between different terms used throughout the webinar documentation and eco-system.

Term Definition
Absentee An absentee refers to anyone who registered for a webinar, but did not attend.
Attendee An attendee refers to anyone who was present for a webinar, regardless of their role in the webinar.
Bridge A bridge is a term from RingCentral Video and refers to a virtual meeting space in which webinar partipants gather to share their video and audio and broadcast it other webinar attendees.
Co-host A co-host of a webinar has limited authority over a webinar so that they can assist the host in moderation duties.
Host The host of a webinar is the owner of the webinar and has full authority over the webinar.
Invitee A host, cohost or panelist whom has been asked to help facilitate a webinar.
Panelist A panelist is a webinar participant who can share their audio and video with other attendees.
Participant A webinar participant is nearly synonymous with "attendee" but may include hosts, cohosts and panelists that may not have attended the webinar.
Registrant A person who has expressed interest in attending a webinar.
Session A session is associated with a "webinar" and refers to a specific event in time in which a webinar was hosted.
Webinar A webinar is a container for one or more sessions, often related to one another by their topic, campaign or goal. A "webinar" is what manages the settings and/or preferences associated with all sessions associated with that webinar.

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