High Volume SMS

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Developers should familiarize themselves with RingCentral's SMS content and messaging policies

Getting Started with High Volume SMS!

RingCentral's High Volume SMS API allows you to send up to 250,000 texts per day and 10,000 texts per API request from a single number that meets the wireless industry guidelines for commercial SMS. This can be used for popular use cases such as appointment reminders, marketing campaigns, password resets, and more.

The following guides have been created to assist developers in getting started quickly:

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Key SMS Features

RingCentral High Volume SMS supports the following key features:

Limitations of High Volume SMS

High Volume SMS does not currently support the following:

  • Sending images, vcards and other files (MMS)
  • Group messaging (MMS)
  • International SMS messaging from US numbers
  • SMS originating from numbers outside of the US and Canada
  • Sending SMSes between US and Canada from 10DLC numbers is not supported (It's supported for Toll Free numbers)
  • Scheduling SMS in advance
  • Developer sandbox (to test and use the HV SMS APIs, you would need to request your application to be moved to production directly)

If you need to send files, communicate with a group, or send to international destinations, please consider our Enhanced Business SMS API.