Posting a file to a chat

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An important part of communication within the context of collaboration is the sharing of files and images with teammates. Sharing and displaying an image or a file is done by posting the file's contents to a designated endpoint. The code below shows how to post a file to a chat, assuming you already know the chat ID.

    username:  USERNAME,
    password:  PASSWORD,
    extension: EXTENSION

platform.on(, () => {
    var endpoint = "/restapi/v1.0/glip/files"
    bindata = fs.readFileSync('./cats.png'); endpoint, bindata, {
        name: "cats.png", groupId: '367050754'
        .then( function(resp) {
            var json = resp.json()
            file_id = json[0]['id']
            console.log( "Uploaded file. File ID: " + file_id )

This simple script will result in a file being uploaded, and a message being posted to the associated team. It will appear as follows:

Uploading a File

To upload a file, one conducts an HTTP POST to the following URI, using the file's contents as the post body. Developers must be sure to set the content-type properly. They should also post the following parameters in the query string:

Parameter Description
name The name of the file.
groupId The RingCentral chat in which to post this file.

Sample Request

POST /restapi/v1.0/glip/files?name="My file"&groupId=101500
Content-Type: audio/wav
Accept: application/json
Authorization: Bearer {access_token}

/// Binary content

The response will include the file's ID and the URL at which the file can be accessed.

Sample Response

        "id": "100500",
        "contentUri": "",
        "name": "My_music"

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