Using Lead Forms

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Lead forms are available to Premier Partners only

The RingCentral App Gallery is one of RingCentral's greatest assets for our developer and partner communities as it attracts thousands and thousands of potential customers from across our diverse user base, and the Internet searching for great solutions for their business. To help our customers tap into this valuable channel of business leads, we allow customers to setup a "Contact Me" button and form on their app's App Gallery profile page.

Upon clicking the "Contact Me" button, a dialog is launched where visitors can enter in their contact information, along with a message. When the contact form is submitted, RingCentral will send the information along via email to the designated contact for that application, allowing you to follow up with the individual directly.

Requesting Access

Lead Forms is a feature reserved for RingCentral's Premier Partners. If you would like to learn more, or request becoming a Premier Partner, please visit our Connect Platform Partner Program for ISVs. Once setup as a partner, our onboarding specialists will help configure lead forms for your organization.

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