Communications Data APIs

Create smarter customer experiences and ensure regulatory compliance with call data, message data, and video recordings.

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Keep track of all your communications data

Know how your employees are using RingCentral and communicating with others

Access call recordings, voicemail recordings, voicemail transcription (if available on account), SMS/MMS, and fax messages. Check read and transmission status for messages, including successful delivery. Comply with data retention policies and preferences by deleting messages when appropriate.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Connect third party tools or AI to ensure regulatory compliance

RingCentral provides all the necessary tools and guidance to ensure that your information communication can be compliant with your industry regulations. HIPAA, ISO, HL7, FINRA, and FERPA compliance guidelines are all available.

Secure Data

Communicate smarter with your customers

Gain insights into how and when your customers want to be communicated with

Generate analytical reports by extracting data from customer interactions and integrate that data with Machine Learning tools. Discover buying patterns with sentiment analysis. Gain a deeper understanding of your customers, their patterns, and habits. With these new insights you can take the initiative and reach out to them with offers.

Data API code samples

Accessing your communications data couldn’t be easier with our SDKs for Java, C#, PHP, JavaScript, and more.
            function read_user_calllog(){
    platform.get('/account/~/extension/~/call-log', {
             view: 'Detailed'
        .then(function (resp) {
            for (var record of resp.json().records)
              console.log("Call type: " + record.type)

Communications Data API frequently asked questions

To help you get started with utilizing your communications data, here are some of the most common questions we get. Of course, you can alway ask our community or contact our developer support.

What is a data API?

Is my data secure?

Does RingCentral allow me to delete my data?

Can RingCentral Data APIs help me reach my customers?

What type of data is available via the Data API?

How can the RingCentral Data API help give me a competitive advantage?

RingCentral is way ahead in terms of innovation. It has plenty of functionality: It brings big-company systems to smaller companies. There’s a lot there.
Sean Lam Group Managing Director, COO, CTO
FCS gets the benefit of a more reliable cloud phone system by using RingCentral, combined with “the peace of mind of knowing I’m not losing any of my important call recordings.
Dennis Mudaliar Business Support Manager
GettyImages-1293527422 copy
RingCentral plays a mission-critical role in helping us build strong relationships with the patients we serve, while also allowing us to keep their information confidential and secure in accordance with HIPAA.
Hernando Celada CIO
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