SMS and fax integration

Send SMS and fax information from within your business applications

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Stay connected to your client base

Integrate SMS API solutions to keep everyone in the loop

Integrate RingCentral's SMS API with an order management system to automatically send text messages to customers based on current activities. For example, to confirm refunds have been processed, to notify changes in delivery times, or to send sales announcement reminders. This can demonstrate a business' responsiveness to customer needs and keeps communications well established.

Fax services integrated into information systems

Send secure fax based documentation when and where needed

Integrate business flows with RingCentral's Fax API to help ensure regulatory compliance and maintain proper record keeping. With easy access to online faxing, administrators are more likely to send appropriate and timely communications to the proper recipients on a multiple-entity list.

Advanced Solutions
Advanced Solutions and Rx Valet easily sign up new customers with a click on their mobile phones with RingCentral Messaging APIs.
Advanced Solutions has used a set of automated applications integrated with RingCentral Fax and SMS to send patient eligibility verification documents to doctor’s offices. This helps to keep clients both new and existing well informed.
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Complete workflow integrations

Keeping the whole team informed

Integrate workflows with RingCentral's SMS API to keep key stakeholders automatically informed when important company milestones are reached or during critical and important events such as system outages. For example, easily and automatically send your DevOps team an SMS message to notify them that your system is experiencing downtime, or send an automatic congratulations and notify regional VPs every time a large sale in made or there is a new opportunity.

Communicate effectively every step of the way

Communicate well on business events with one integrated system

Integrate workflow applications with RingCentral's SMS API to help ensure prompt and error-free communication with all interested parties in a multi-step process. All stakeholders can all be informed at every step along the process as it unfolds over time.

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24HR Lockouts
24HR Lockouts Enhances the Customer Experience with RingCentral Platform integration
Incoming requests for locksmith services are handled with RingCentral's call management APIs. SMS messages can then be sent out with the SMS messaging API. This provides bi-directional communication with customers and locksmiths. All activities of this nature are then logged and stored into the integrated dispatch system that 24HR Lockouts uses for their tracking purposes.