WebRTC voice

Advanced call control directly from the browser

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Browser integrated voice

Make calls from your web browser without a physical phone

Using WebRTC, users can make and receive calls from within applications directly from the browser, without the need for a physical phone. Some included advantages include better call control and direct application integration for call analytics.

Caller ID Matching

Strategically plan and place your calls for optimum effect.

Increase the odds of your calls being answered by automatically selecting the best number for outbound dialing. By creating a pool of numbers, applications can be directed to select the most appropriate number for dialing. This helps to build relationships with customers and can be automated with RingCentral’s WebRTC Voice API. The same numbers may be used for SMS as well.

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Sitel Group
Adding and removing thousands of agents at a time
During the pandemic, Sitel Group helped the UK Government with call center staffing. Having to add up to 20,000 remote and home based agents for social services support at one time and then removing them at a later time was made into a smooth process with the help of RingCentral's voice platform.
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Control call flow

Create a custom app to only allow incoming calls

Contact centers that wish to have limited calling capabilities, such as inbound only calls can use WebRTC to build custom integrations that provide only the needed capabilities.