Building your first application

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If you have not yet made your first API call, we recommend you start with our Getting Started experience

In previous sections of this getting started guide you completed key steps that have prepared you for coding your first application. This includes:

With these key steps now behind you, the real work of actually building and coding an application can begin.

Choosing an API quick start guide

If you have been successful doing all the steps that have preceded this one, then the next step should be quite easy. All you have to choose is which API quick start and code sample you want to try. Listed below are the quick starts to choose from.

Send an SMS

Send an SMS from your RingCentral phone number to any other phone number.

Send an SMS to multiple recipients

Use high-volume SMS to broadcast an SMS to multiple phone numbers.

Initiate a phone call

Use RingOut to connect any two phone numbers in a phone call.

Schedule a meeting

Use RingCentral Video to create a meeting bridge and URL.

Schedule a webinar

Create a webinar to host meetings of over a thousand attendees.

Load an analytics report

Look for insights into your company's call history using our Analytics API.

Transcribe an audio file

Use our Artificial Intelligence API to convert speech-to-text.

Send a fax

Transmit a file to a fax number.

View list of your voicemail

Use the message store to view a list of received messages, including voicemail.

View your call log history

Trace the path of every phone call as it is routed through our network.

Fetch list of active calls

Display a list of all currently active calls in your account.

View current call handling rules

View the call routing and handling rules for the current user.


Will your app be sending SMS messages?

If your application will be sending SMS messages then you will be required to meet and comply with a number of regulations and policies to help combat fraud. This is accomplished through the TCR process. If this applies to you, please familiarize yourself with this process next.

Setup your account to send SMS

For those developers and partners who are building an application that is intended to be used by RingCentral customers, you have one more step: to add your application to the RingCentral App Gallery so that it can be promoted to the RingCentral customer base.

Promote your application in the App Gallery