Programmable Voice API

Incorporate voice and phone functionality into your apps with RingCentral Voice APIs.

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make calls

Make and receive calls within your app

Extend or customize your existing apps to include voice capabilities.

RingCentral Voice APIs let you programmatically customize your apps to make and receive calls, listen to recorded messages, handle voicemail, get real-time alerts, trigger webhooks, and more.

Route and manage calls in real-time

Initiate, receive, and manage calls from your own applications.

Easily add phone and calling functions to your own applications with the ability to initiate calls, answer calls, or intelligently route calls amongst different agents based on custom business rules.

route calls
integrate ai

Integrate AI and Machine Learning

Go beyond the constraints of traditional call management

Integrate your calls with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems for insights into important trends, real-time training, compliance, or sales leads.

Make your first voice call in 15 minutes or less

Adding voice to your application couldn’t be easier with our SDKs for Java, C#, PHP, JavaScript, and more.
  '/account/~/extension/~/ring-out', {
  'from' : { 'phoneNumber': "13443334444" },
  'to'   : {'phoneNumber': "13453443434"},
  'playPrompt' : true

Simple API pricing, starting at free!

The RingCentral Voice API is included with RingEX plans. Additional toll-free and international voice calls are available as add-ons with a minimal per minute fee.
Local Number
Unlimited calling within the US and Canada
3.9¢/ min.
Toll-free voice
Make it even easier for customers to reach you
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International Voice
High-quality voice calling to over 190 countries

Voice API frequently asked questions

To help you get started with making and sending voice calls, here are some of the most common questions we get. Of course, you can always ask our community or contact our developer support.

What is Voice API?

What is programmable voice?

How do I make calls in bulk?

What is WebRTC technology?

What is WebRTC used for?

How can I easily embed voice into my app?

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The RingCentral platform plays a key role, especially for our Customer Success teams, in helping us consistently deliver a high-quality call experience to our customers and to be responsive whenever they need us.
Matthew Lawrence, Systems Administrator
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"Without an API, you’re limited to only what the software can do. With a sufficiently mature API, we can customize the experience to our users’ needs."
Don Klayman, IT Director
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I think I ran into a couple of problems, but I contacted tech support, and they were resolved right away. I wish a lot more companies had that level of help.
Bob Thompson, Director of IT
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