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Team Messaging notifications on Job Commitments

Task / ticket management integrations with RingCentral’s Team Messaging API

When we think of the high-tech sector we also have to include the software that runs the latest and greatest gadgets. This type of code library is often so new - rushed out the door - it doesn’t always get the stringent testing needed to achieve the highest levels of functionality or security. For a development team, up-to-date information is key to moving their projects forward on a timely basis. RingCentral can integrate with ticket management tools like Jenkins and Jira to help manage the communications process around task and ticket management. For example, with the Jenkins integration, RingCentral team members can be notified within the Team Messaging platform when a job event occurs. It can even target and tag individuals within a group that are directly related to a particular job. 

Maintaining software is just as important as developing it. With RingCentral’s integration with Jira, support tickets and task notifications can be sent to Team Messaging members in a similar way to that of the Jenkins example above. 

In both instances, email traffic will be reduced and less information will be missed when communications are performed on a shared platform rather than within individual email accounts. You can learn more about Jenkins, Jira, and our other integrations in our App Gallery.


Chatbots can help with basic troubleshooting

When supporting the hardware and software of high tech systems, there are many simple things that the end consumer might be having trouble with. A change in a setting or a change of jumper on a circuit board may be all that is needed to solve an issue. These relatively simple yet time consuming interactions with customers can easily be mitigated with the use of a chatbot. This will enable your support staff to focus on the more challenging support issues that may arise. 

When someone has low to middle tier technical support issues, they can visit a company support website and interact with a pre-built support chatbot to initially manage these needs. By using RingCentral’s Engage Digital APIs you can create a chatbot to act as the initial point of contact.  For example, a chatbot could be set up when a new software release is issued and there may be a learning curve required on the new features. The chatbot can lead the help-seeker down a path of known issues and resolutions, therefore, taking some of the support demand from the pool of live technicians. Additionally, if the chatbot is asked a new question, or one that it is not able to handle, then it can be programmed to transfer the interaction to a live support person to take over the conversation and continue to assist the client. 

The chatbot can also be created to keep track of any new questions being asked so that over time it can be augmented to handle an even broader base of support issues; growing in value over time.

Intelsat Empowers Global Workforce
Leader in integrated satellite system uses RingCentral for its global collaborative communications
Intelsat achieved greater agility and provided a collaborative communications experience to all its users across voice, video, web conferencing, and team messaging all over the world. RingCentral’s cloud platform was also used to customize business workflows with its open and powerful APIs.

Team Messaging Security with a Global Reach

Secure collaboration within teams wherever and whenever they are

Security is also an issue when projects are under development or maintenance. With the use of the Team Messaging platform, RingCentral also takes care of this need by having a very secure and well managed redundant platform. Instead of emails potentially going astray from individual developer’s accounts, all communication can be done within the platform and monitored. Trade secrets, with supporting documents or image attachments, can be freely discussed within the fully encrypted platform without fear of prying eyes or hacked email accounts. 

Additionally, within the Team Messaging platform developers can be anywhere in the world and still collaborate on projects. Spontaneous chats among developers can arise when they are connected to the platform. Simple, quick questions can be asked and answered without having to wait for emails to be opened, read, and responded to. For more involved issues, audio and video team calls can be launched or scheduled at any time, recorded, and stored for future reference.

2FA and Proof of Identity

RingCentral SMS API employed to validate human identity

Another area that is of high value and use in the high tech arena is that of two factor identification (2FA). For example, when clients are asking for access to secure areas of a website like a discussion forum, or to join a beta testing program, the need for proof of identity is important. Simply allowing a site visitor to sign up with a username and password and allowing direct and immediate access to a restricted area is only opening the door to real trouble. With a username, double password entry, and any additional credentials that are required, also asking for a mobile number can be used to enact this 2FA requirement. A website can implement RingCenrtal’s SMS API to send out an SMS text message to the provided mobile number with a randomly generated 4 or 6 digit code to verify the identity of the requesting person. The API code will hold on to this digital code and then match it with the value given on the entry form when a real person enters it in. Once that authentication step is completed, it is generally more safe to grant the requested access.

Vertrax delivers the goods
Supply chain management solutions company boosts efficiency, business intelligence, and customer service with RingCentral
Vertrax consolidated their communications tools into one unified cloud platform with RingCentral’s offering. By merging video conferencing, phone, fax, SMS, call queue management, and more into one platform they also got access to more business intelligence data that they never had before.