Triggering a call via a URI

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In addition to making calls via the RingOut API, if the user has the RingCentral for Desktop softphone installed, it is possible to use a URI scheme to initiate a dial out from the application.

RingCentral supports the following URI schemes:

  • rcmobile://
  • tel://

We recommend using the rcmobile scheme as it will resolve the issue of competing applications using the same URI scheme.

RingCentral Voice URI Scheme

The RingCentral rcmobile URI Scheme is specific to RingCentral and thus has a higher probability of working as intended. It utilizes the E.164 format.


<!-- HTML URI Scheme -->
<!-- See below for Google Chrome usage -->
<a href="rcmobile://call?number=16501112222">1-650-111-2222</a>

Standard URI Scheme

The standard tel URI Scheme is also supported but since multiple applications can use this URI scheme, there may be competing applications resulting in a less desirable expeirence.

<!-- HTML URI Scheme -->
<!-- See below for Google Chrome usage -->
<a href="tel:1-650-111-2222">1-650-111-2222</a>
<a href="tel:16501112222">1-650-111-2222</a>

Google Chrome Note

Many browsers will support the native rcmobile and tel URI Schemes via a standard URL href described above, however, Google Chrome requires special handling using JavaScript. This is described in more detail on Stack Overflow.

// Use the following for Google Chrome only
var w = (window.parent)?window.parent:window;