Detecting User Presence

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Understanding a user's availability is an essential component when considering who to forward calls to, who can attend an ad-hoc meeting, or even where people are (depending upon their status message). As an all-in-one communication platform, the Presence API gives apps visibility into a user's availability across the entire platform: are they on the phone? are they in a meeting? are they available, but their status is set to "Do Not Disturb" etc.

Apps can determine one's availability by looking at an aggregated status the platform computes automatically, or can look at each presence state independently and make other informed decisions.

Presence Response

Below is a sample response from the Presence API to illustrate the visibility it can provide. The aggregated/computed status is highlighted below.

  "uri": "",
  "extension": {
    "uri": "",
    "id": 248111004,
    "extensionNumber": "101"
  "presenceStatus": "Available",
  "telephonyStatus": "NoCall",
  "userStatus": "Available",
  "dndStatus": "TakeAllCalls",
  "allowSeeMyPresence": true,
  "ringOnMonitoredCall": false,
  "pickUpCallsOnHold": false

Sample Code to Get Started with Presence

    const RC = require('@ringcentral/sdk').SDK

    var rcsdk = new RC({ server: "server_url", clientId: "client_id", clientSecret: "client_secret" });
    var platform = rcsdk.platform();

    platform.login({username: "username", password: "password", extension: "extension_number"})

  platform.on(, function(e){

  async function get_users_presence(){
    try {
      var resp = await platform.get('/restapi/v1.0/account/~/presence', {
                  detailedTelephonyState: true
      var jsonObj = await resp.json()
      for (var record of jsonObj.records){
    from ringcentral import SDK

    rcsdk = SDK( "client_id", "client_secret", "server_url")
    platform = rcsdk.platform()
    platform.login("username", "extension_number", "password")

    resp = platform.get('/restapi/v1.0/account/~/presence',
        'detailedTelephonyState' : True
    for record in resp.json().records:
        print record.userStatus

    $rcsdk = new RingCentral\SDK\SDK("client_id", "client_secret", "server_url");

    $platform = $rcsdk->platform();
    $platform->login("username", "extension_number", "password");

    $resp = $platform->get('/account/~/presence',
        'detailedTelephonyState' => true
    foreach ($resp->json()->records as $record)
        print_r ($record->userStatus . "\n");
    using System;
    using System.Threading.Tasks;
    using RingCentral;

    namespace Read_Presence
      class Program
      static RestClient restClient;

      static void Main(string[] args)
        restClient = new RestClient("client_id", "client_secret", "server_url");
        await restClient.Authorize("username", "extension_number", "password");

      static private async Task read_users_presence()
        var parameters = new AccountPresenceParameters();
        parameters.detailedTelephonyState = true;

        var resp = await rc.Restapi().Account().Presence().Get(parameters);
          foreach (var record in resp.records)
    import com.ringcentral.*;
    import com.ringcentral.definitions.*;

    public class Read_Presence {
    static RestClient restClient;
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        var obj = new Read_Presence();
        try {
          restClient = new RestClient("client_id", "client_secret", "server_url");
          restClient.authorize("username", "extension_number", "password");
        } catch (RestException | IOException e) {

      public static void read_users_presence() throws RestException, IOException{
      var parameters = new ReadAccountPresenceParameters();
      parameters.detailedTelephonyState = true;

      var response = rc.restapi().account().presence().get(parameters);
      for (var record : response.records)
    require 'ringcentral'

    rc ="client_id", "client_secret", "server_url")
    rc.authorize(username: "username", extension: "extension_number", password: "password")

    resp = rc.get('/restapi/v1.0/account/~/presence', payload:
              detailedTelephonyState: true

    for record in resp.body['records'] do
        puts record.userStatus

Required Permissions

Apps requesting to read presence information require the ReadPresence permission.

Presence APIs

The following APIs are often used in reading and updating user presence information: