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Effortlessly synchronize your data to external storage for archival purposes.

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Retention management

Keep your call data for as long as you need

Many companies have a requirement to keep call recordings and other call data for custom retention policies. By syncing data into a third-party data store with long term archival capabilities, system users can manage data to ensure compliance. Finding specific information in the data store when it may be needed is quick and easy; and when it is time to purge specific information that too can be easily located and removed.


Retain all your call data in case of legal proceedings

A company's legal department is required to preserve call data due to potential litigation for e-Discovery under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP). Companies may wish to proactively sync all data to an information governance / archive solution. RingCentral’s APIs make it a simple task to retrieve all information for all or specific users, both historically and on an ongoing basis.

First Credit Services - 50,000 calls
First Credit Services archives over 50,000 calls a day with RingCentral’s call log APIs
First Credit Services archives a couple of years’ worth of call recordings—proof of exactly what was and was not said in any conversation with a consumer who might lodge a complaint or a lawsuit—the volume of calls and regulatory duration of archiving called for customization.

Business intelligence

Move your company forward with accurate and valuable reports based on archived and current data

Reports and analysis can be applied to call data to make better decisions about staffing, device management, as well as managing IT resources across the enterprise. By syncing call data into business intelligence solutions, proactive companies can improve the quality of their services by getting answers to business questions on the most effective areas where business improvements can be applied. Providing information like when is the best time to call to talk to a live customer, what regions should be avoided for different reasons like power outages, winter storms, and how many staff should be on shift during a holiday is all possible with RingCentral products.

Call sentiment analysis

Tap into the mood of your calls

Deep analytical reviews can be performed on voicemail and call data to generate valuable insights into the emotions of callers - call sentiments. Audio data can be synced to analysis solutions directly or to third-party storage solutions on which analysis can be performed.

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Sleep Solutions of New York
Sleep Clinic Dreams Up Custom App to Archive and Organize Call Recordings
A custom application was developed with RingCentral’s API, PHP, and Laravel, along with other supporting technology to record daily calls handled by call center staff and to accommodate notes being written for each call as needed. Calls and notes are then archived for long term storage.

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