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Get advanced audio and video insights with RingCentral AI, from speech to text, to emotion analysis, to audio summarization.

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01 Speech to text

Speech to text

Accurately transcribe videos and audio

Convert audio from numerous file formats including video into an accurate transcription with built-in speaker detection and advanced neural network to understand and accurately interpret accents from non-native English speakers.

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Interaction analysis

Quickly breakdown who is speaking and who is listening

With sophisticated speaker detection, RingCentral AI is able to provide you a complete breakdown of who is speaking, and who is listening - which combined with emotion analysis can help you better understand how your team members are handling conversations, and where improvements can be made to ensure better listening skills.

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02 Interaction analysis
03 Emotion analysis

Emotion analysis

Monitor and track customer emotion and perception

Quickly identify customer emotions and call trends through advanced, multi-modal emotion detection to help your team better understand and respond to your customers. Combined with summarization, quickly identify potential customer issues, product issues, or market opportunities.

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Audio summarization

Summarize calls or videos with highlights, keywords, and written recaps

No one has time to review every video interaction or call, but with RingCentral AI summarization you don't need to. With keyword analysis quickly understand the topics and recurring themes of your calls - combine these with emotion analysis to quickly uncover potential problems, or learning opportunities. Textual summarization of your audio and video files gives you cliff notes on what was discussed, and video highlights allow you to recap longer meetings in just minutes.

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04 Audio summarization

Add artificial intelligence in 15 minutes or less

AI powered interaction analysis couldn’t be easier with our SDKs for Java, C#, PHP, JavaScript, and more.
            platform.post("/ai/audio/v1/async/speech-to-text?webhook=" + WEBHOOK_URL, {
    "contentUri":               CONTENT_URI,
    "encoding":                 "Wav",
    "languageCode":             "en-US",
    "source":                   "RingCentral",
    "audioType":                "Meeting",
    "enablePunctuation":        true,
    "enableSpeakerDiarization": false

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"Without an API, you’re limited to only what the software can do. With a sufficiently mature API, we can customize the experience to our users’ needs."
Don Klayman, IT Director
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The RingCentral platform plays a key role, especially for our Customer Success teams, in helping us consistently deliver a high-quality call experience to our customers and to be responsive whenever they need us.
Matthew Lawrence, Systems Administrator
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RingCentral’s API platform has given us many ways to improve our operations... we’re able to send out automated text reminders to patients about upcoming appointments, we’ve seen a significant drop in patient no-shows, and that makes a real difference in our bottom line.
Rich Brownie, Director of Infrastructure & Operations
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