Contact Center Phone Number Event

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Since 1.0.43 (Release 20.2)

Event filter /restapi/v1.0/account/{accountId}/phone-number?usageType=ContactCenterNumber enables notifications in case of any change related to Contact Center phone numbers. A change can be defined by the usageType filter with the following values: Created - a new phone number is created its first assignment is "Contact Center"; Deleted - a Contact Center number is deleted; Updated - the existing phone number (already assigned to any extension type) was converted to "Contact Center"; the existing phone number of 'Contact Center' type is reassigned to any other extension type.

Required Permissions

Permission Description
ReadAccounts Viewing user account info (including name, business name, address and phone number/account number

Event payload

Parameter Type Description
eventType 'Created' or 'Updated' or 'Deleted' Type of change
phoneNumberInfo Phone Number Info Information on a changed phone number

Phone Number Info

Parameter Type Description
uri string Link to a phone number resource
id string Internal identifier of a phone number
phoneNumber string Phone number in e.164 format
paymentType string Type of payment
location string Phone number location
type 'Voice' or 'Fax' or 'VoiceFax' Type of a number
usageType 'ContactCenterNumber' Phone number usage type
status string Phone number status
contactCenterProvider Contact Center Provider Info Information on a Contact Center Provider

Contact Center Provider Info

Parameter Type Description
id string Internal identifier of provider
name string Provider name


   "uuid": "ed1cf00c-0420-4bf5-a0ae-e659cc9f77e0",
   "event": "/restapi/v1.0/account/{accountId}/phone-number?usageType=ContactCenterNumber",
   "timestamp": "2013-06-14T12:00:00.000Z",
   "subscriptionId": "9d38419f-645f-4ee3-a053-8cf1368c21c4",
   "ownerId": "8475874957",
   "body": {
      "eventType": "Created",
      "phoneNumberInfo": {
         "uri": "",
         "id": "987654321",
         "phoneNumber": "+12024999741",
         "paymentType": "Local",
         "location": "Washington, DC",
         "type": "VoiceFax",
         "usageType": "ContactCenterNumber",
         "status": "Normal",
         "contactCenterProvider": {
            "id": "12345",
            "name": "ProviderName"