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RingCentral customers - did you know your RingEX plan includes access to our APIs in your production environment? To use production instead of purchasing a development environment, sign in.

Development environment

Watermarked sandbox

For ISV partners and RingEX customers looking for a separate development environment to build and test business applications without accessing, impacting, or modifying production data.



$10/month for 2 included phone extensions
$5/month per additional phone extension

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  Watermarked calls, messages, and faxes
  250 domestic phone minutes /mo*
  50 SMS messages /ext/mo
  50 minute meeting duration
  Up to 100 video participants
  500 internet faxes /mo
  Unlimited Developer Console users

Production environment

Included with RingEX plans

For businesses looking for a complete out-of-the-box employee experience solution with APIs for voice, SMS, social messaging, team messaging, video, fax, data, configuration, AI, and more.



starting price /user/month* for RingEX
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  Full phone, message, and video capabilities
  Unlimited domestic phone minutes*
  Up to 200 SMS messages /ext/mo
  24 hour meeting duration
  Up to 200 video participants
  Unlimited internet fax on select plans
  Unlimited Developer Console users

Important details and disclaimers

* RingCentral MVP is now RingEX. All references to “RingCentral MVP,” whether in terms of service, advertising, or product descriptions, mean “RingEX.”

* Free trial is only available to new subscribers. Trial is limited to a maximum of five users and two desktop phones. Any free trial hardware must be returned within 21 days of trial cancellation in order to avoid hardware charges. SMS is not available for trial use.

Acceptable Use policies apply on all plans.

Enhanced Business SMS is subject to our SMS/MMS content policies including volume and frequency limitations and the Acceptable Use Policy. Automated, high volume, or marketing SMS is available at an additional cost, as RingCentral High Volume SMS.

Phone rental available only with multi-year contract.

Professional implementations for two users and above.

Other taxes and fees such as the Federal Universal Service Recovery Fee, E911 Service Fee, Compliance and Administrative Cost Recovery Fee, 911 Fee, and State and Local Taxes, may apply. See Taxes & Fees for more information.
Additional toll-free minutes available for purchase.

International calls will be charged at the current rates published in our international rates table. Calls to international toll-free numbers will be charged per minute, based on the country’s rate.

Mobile User extensions should not be used for making and receiving phone calls. While adding a Mobile User extension is free, if a Mobile User extension is used to make or receive phone calls in a given month, you will be charged that month for that Mobile User extension at the same rate per month as you are charged for Digital Lines.

Unlimited phone calls are limited to US and CA markets only.

Discount is for one year for Webinar 500 only, with a 1 year commitment. After 1 year pricing reverts to $75 per host per month or the then current retail price.

** Excludes video recording. Storage retention period applies.

*** Joining the waitlist does not guarantee beta enrollment; selection is subject to manual review. By submitting, you are agreeing to the RingCentral Beta Terms.
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