Create your own custom workflows, no programming required.

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What is Automator

Create custom workflows for your business, no programming required

Easily create automated workflows from prebuilt templates or build your own custom automation including:

• Out-of-office SMS auto-replies

• SMS keyword auto-reply

• Missed call auto-response

• After-hours SMS auto-reply

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Automator triggers

With multiple trigger options you can have Automator react in many different ways

Have Automator watch for and react to incoming triggers like missed calls, SMS messages received after hours, SMS replies when you are out of the office, keywords found within incoming messages. More complex triggers are also available like exact matches to the phone number of an incoming SMS message or checking the content of an incoming message for exact text content. You can also react to incoming chat messages, calls received or ended, and voice messages received.

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Automator triggers
Automator conditions screen

Automator conditions

Multiple conditions can be created to fine tune the workflow process

Create conditional branches within your workflows. Test for all the conditions to be true or just one of many. Branching of the workflow to create different actions based on the conditions results.

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Automator actions

Respond to incoming triggers with multiple possible actions

Multiple actions can be defined within a workflow to enhance the responses to incoming triggers. You can send an SMS, post to a Team Messenger group, create a new meeting, make a RingOut Call, or send an HTTP request. You can do one or all of these actions in response to a single trigger or you can do multiple actions of the same type. The combinations are limitless.

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