Mentioning users via the REST API

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A key need in a team messaging environment is capturing the attention of a person or group within it. When a person is mentioned in a conversation for example, their unread messages in that conversation is highlighted to indicate that a specific message was directed at them. For example:

When a bot needs to mention a user, they use a special markdown syntax to do so:

![:Person](<INSERT PERSON ID>)

A bot can also mention an entire team using this markdown syntax:

![:Team](<INSERT TEAM ID>)

Within the context of sending a message in Javascript, it might look like this:

const RC = require('@ringcentral/sdk').SDK

var rcsdk = new RC({
    'server':       process.env.RC_SERVER_URL,
    'clientId':     process.env.RC_CLIENT_ID,
    'clientSecret': process.env.RC_CLIENT_SECRET
var platform = rcsdk.platform();
platform.login({ 'jwt':  process.env.RC_JWT })

platform.on(, () => {
    try {
        var personId = "1234";
        var groupId = "5678";
        await`/restapi/v1.0/glip/chats/${groupId}/posts`, {
            "text": `Here is a mention: ![:Person](${personId})`
    } catch(e) {

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