Smart punctuation

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The Smart Punctuation API takes a block of text and augments it with proper punctuation using artificial intelligence, and is specifically optimized in the processing of speech recognition output. The API will augment text with the following punctuation:

  • Periods, full-stop: .
  • Commas: ,
  • Quotes: ' "
  • Question marks: ?
  • Exclamation marks: !
  • Apostrophes: ', contractions and possessive forms
  • Proper capitalization, sentence-cap and acronyms

Augmenting text with proper punctuation

Request parameters

Parameter Type Description
texts List List of unformatted text blobs.

Example code

After you have setup a simple web server to process the response, copy and paste the code from below in a file. In the process, make sure to edit the variables found in ALL CAPS to ensure your code runs properly.

const RC = require('@ringcentral/sdk').SDK;

// replace with your ngrok address below
const WEBHOOK_URL = "YOUR NGROK HTTPS URL" + "/webhook"; 

// Initialize the RingCentral SDK and Platform
const rcsdk = new RC({
    'server':       process.env.RC_SERVER_URL,
    'clientId':     process.env.RC_CLIENT_ID,
    'clientSecret': process.env.RC_CLIENT_SECRET

const platform = rcsdk.platform();

// Authenticate with RingCentral Developer Platdorm using Developer's JWT Credential
    'jwt': process.env.RC_JWT

// Call the Speech to Text API right after login asynchronously
platform.on(, () => {

async function punctuateText() {
    try {
        let resp = await"/ai/text/v1/async/punctuate?webhook=" + WEBHOOK_URL, {
            texts: [
                "so its more fluid than it is and you know its not the best kind of feedback right"
        console.log("Job is " + resp.statusText + " with HTTP status code " + resp.status);
    catch (e) {
        console.log("An error occurred: " + e.message);

Run your sample code.

$ node index.js
import os,sys
import logging
import requests
from ringcentral import SDK
from dotenv import load_dotenv


# Load Enviroment variables

# Invoke Smart Punctuate API 
def smartPunctuate():
    # Endpoint to invoke Smart Punctuate API 
    endpoint = os.getenv('RC_SERVER_URL')+"/ai/text/v1/async/punctuate"
    # Webhook as Query string
    querystring = { "webhook": WEBHOOK_URL }
    # Payload
    payload = {
        "texts": [
            "so its more fluid than it is and you know its not the best kind of feedback right"

        # Instantiate Ringcentral SDK 
        rcsdk = SDK( os.getenv('RC_CLIENT_ID'),os.getenv('RC_CLIENT_SECRET'),os.getenv('RC_SERVER_URL'))
        platform = rcsdk.platform()
        # Login Using JWT
        platform.login( jwt=os.getenv('RC_JWT') );
        # Make HTTP POST call to the smart punctuate endpoint with the query string and payload
        response =, payload, querystring);
    except Exception as e:

except Exception as e:

Run your sample code.

$ python3

Example response

    "status": "Success",
    "response": {
            "So it's more fluid than it is, and you know it's not the best kind of feedback, right?"