Introduction to the RingCentral Webinar Platform

Last updated: 2024-03-07Contributors
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RingCentral Webinar APIs are in beta

The RingCentral Webinar API is currently in beta. Developers should be aware of the following:

  • While efforts will bbe made to notify developers of changes that may impact them, no guarantees are offered around backwards compatibility. Changes can be introduced at any time that may impact your applications.
  • Webinar APIs are not currently available in our sandbox environment and developers are asked to do development in our production environment.

Partners wishing to build products for RingCentral customers should apply to the Webinar Partner Developer Program to obtain a free Developer license for RingCentral Webinar.

See the RingCentral Webinar API in action!

As ISV or Developer you can use the RingCentral Webinar APIs to create valued-added integrations that permit the exchange of data between RingCentral Webinar and third-party software. Once you create these integrations, RingCentral can showcase them in our App Gallery to customers and users, thereby driving more usage for your integrations.

Using the RingCentral Webinar APIs, these integrations are super-easy to create. The APIs span core workflows for creating and managing webinars as well as exchanging registrant and attendee data for webinars.

All developers are invited to create a simple app that creates a webinar using the RingCentral Webinar API. Once complete, developers will have all the basic building blocks in place to build more complex integrations. Get started using a Quick Start in any of the following languages:

Javascript » PHP » Python » Ruby »

Getting started using the Webinar API

Use the following quick steps to get started.

1. Create an application

Login to the Developer Console and create an app with all the permissions you will need, or click the "Create Webinar App" button below.

Create Webinar App

2. Do your development in production

RingCentral Webinar is not currently available in our developer sandbox. Therefore, in order to develop an app, please perform all development directly in our production environment.

3. Join the Webinar Partner Developer Program

Partners wishing to build integrations to be used by RingCentral customers and are promoted within the RingCentral App Gallery should apply to the Webinar Partner Developer Program in order to receive additional benefits, including a free developer license to RingCentral Webinar.

Join the Webinar Partner Developer Program

What can I use the Webinar API for?

The RingCentral Webinar API is optimized to help developers and organizations integrate RingCentral Webinars more deeply into the sales and marketing apps they use, such as CRMs, marketing automation tools and event management solutions. Using the Webinar API developers can do the following:

  • Create, schedule and manage webinars
  • Register people for an upcoming webinar
  • Initiate an invitation to someone to help facilitate the webinar as a host, cohost or panelist
  • Access a list of attendees for an active or past webinar
  • Access webinar recordings