Troubleshooting webhooks and notifications

Last updated: 2022-07-08Contributors
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Why has RingCentral stopped delivering webhooks to my app?

If applications do not respond properly to webhooks being transmitted to them, either because the application fails to return a 200 response, or because of a prolonged outage, RingCentral may flag the webhook URL and the corresponding subscription as invalid. When this happens, RingCentral will suspend the subscription permanently and webhooks will no longer be delivered.

How can I check the status of my subscription?

One can retrieve a list of subscriptions, or fetch a single subscription, to determine the current status of that subscription. Below is a sample response showing a subscription that has been "blacklisted."

    "uri": "",
    "records": [
            "uri": "",
            "id": "1423e408-e25c-4421-8dd1-5f754e2f5648",
            "creationTime": "2022-03-18T01:45:30.573Z",
            "status": "Blacklisted",
            "eventFilters": [
            "expirationTime": "2037-03-14T01:45:30.573Z",
            "expiresIn": 464203396,
            "deliveryMode": {
                "transportType": "WebHook",
                "encryption": false,
                "address": ""
            "blacklistedData": {
                "reason": "I/O operation is failed. Details: [Read timed out]",
                "blacklistedAt": "2022-06-28T05:24:00.720Z"

To fix the problem, a developer can delete the subscription and register a new one. The developer is free to use the same URL as before.