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Law office calls improved with RingCentral

Incoming calls can trigger client data lookup

Having pertinent information readily available when clients call is important and valuable. This can be accomplished with the RingCentral platform as it can be integrated with other systems through API calls. One example would be to have a system react to incoming calls in a way that provides the caller’s information to the call receiver while the call is ringing. This will allow the receiver to know what the call is likely about and have the most recent information at hand if the call should be forwarded on to a lawyer or case worker. To have this information readily available before the call is answered saves wasted time looking up account information causing the customer to have to, frustratingly, wait on hold.

Legal paperwork and vital communications are more accurate

RingCentral products can be used to manage legal documents, case files, evidence tracking, image and file management, Fax distribution, high volume SMS, and more

When you think of the mountain of paperwork that goes with a legal process like buying a home or vacation property and then consider how much more that would be for a personal injury or a class action lawsuit one can imagine the logistical problems alone. Add to that the communication needs like conference calls, meetings of interested parties, officially signed documents and legal papers that have to be sent out to all the stakeholders and the workload can become overwhelming.

The RingCentral platform and accompanying API tools can be used to alleviate most of these headaches. These tools can be used to send out electronic SMS correspondence to up to 10,000 separate numbers per request. Files, documents, and images can be stored and archived when needed. With integrations documents and audio recordings can be transcribed for key words or phrases to help find pertinent parts of a case. Video calls can be placed anywhere and recorded for future reference. All of this can be done by using one cloud based communications platform.

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Cole, Scott & Kissane, P.A. pivots antiquated phone system to the cloud
RingCentral helps law firm to update 12 offices without breaking the bank
Cole, Scott & Kissane, P.A.'s team of lawyers are thrilled with the call logs and call transcription features they have found within the RingCentral platform, both of which save them time searching for specific details of pending cases and also with compiling billable hours for invoicing. They never had access to these services before RingCentral, and now they can’t live without them. Additionally, with the RingCentral mobile app and softphone capability, the firm’s lawyers can now work from anywhere, taking or making calls on their business lines even from their own mobile phones. Looking to the future they plan to use RingCentral Meetings for state-accredited continuing education units webinars which can have up to 1,000 attendees.
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Chatbots used to determine legal direction

RingCentral Chatbots can be used to direct client legal inquiries

Many law offices specialize in particular legal disciplines. Personal injury, divorce, fraud, and so on. Within those disciplines are even further segments like bank fraud, identity theft, Tax fraud, health insurance fraud, and more. Directing these types of cases to the right staff member or lawyer can take some time when initial case questions need to be asked. In some situations the case cannot even be entertained by a particular law firm and valuable time is lost in coming to that conclusion. 

With RingCentral’s Chatbot tool a law firm can integrate the question / answer initial inquiry process into their website and upon determining the initial facts of the case can either direct the case to the right staff individual or recommend some other web resources as required. Many hours of initial fact finding can be recovered and used more efficiently.

Video statements and testimonies are growing in importance.

RingCentral Video can be used to record and transcribe statements from accident or crime victims.

There is an increasing need for video recorded statements in the realm of law enforcement and how often that proceeds into law court appearances. More often there are video statements recorded at the scene of an accident or of a crime. Video proof is more valuable than written proof as location of items at these scenes can be better envisioned in pictures rather than words. Also, in the disturbing cases of violent crime the offender is often not permitted into the courtroom itself but rather is questioned or interviewed via video conferencing in order to face their charges.

Organizing and transcribing this type of incident evidence can be prone to human error and is very time consuming. With RingCentral’s video platform most of the work surrounding this type of information management can become an automated process. Video can be recorded and archived with date, time, and length data points among others. The video (even audio) can be transcribed into text for court document or lawyer case use.

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Finkelstein & Partners reshapes office dynamic
Law firm quickly able to implement cloud communications system with RingCentral
Personal injury firm was in the process of changing their office communications system to RingCentral’s cloud-based solution when shelter-in-place policies were enacted by their State. They were able to adjust their approach to a work-from-home stance with little difficulty. At the same time they were able to continue their transition to an integration with a new CRM system.