Localization and multi-language support

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There are two types of content returned by the API: * Internal, technical content * Content intended for display

Internal and technical content refers to facets of the RingCentral API itself, for example parameters, enumerations, and other API elements intended for machines to consume, not humans. This content is always in US English, and is never localized because it must remain constant so that software programs can reliably code against their values.

Content intended for display includes things like error messages. This content is localized. To change the region or language this content is localized for, one can pass the preferred language (locale) code in the Accept-Language HTTP header. If this header is omitted, incorrect or contains unsupported language code, the server returns localized content in the language which is configured in user's regional settings (by default, en-US for RingCentral US and Canada accounts, en-GB for RingCentral UK accounts). The language code is returned in the Content-Language HTTP header.

We currently support the following values in the Accept-Language header.

Language Locale code
German de-DE
English (U.K.) en-GB
English (U.S.) en-US
Spanish es-ES
Spanish (Latin America) es-419
French fr-FR
French (Canada) fr-CA
Italian it-IT
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT
Finnish fi-FI
Korean (South Korea) ko_KR
Japanese ja-JP
Simplified Chinese (PRC) zh-CN
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) zh-TW
Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) zh-HK

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