RingCentral service provider and partner brand guidelines

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This document is provided to RingCentral developers for informational purposes. While RingCentral has agreements with some of our partners to provide a white-labeled or co-branded experience, third-parties are not obligated to these requirements. However, all developers marketing their products within our RingCentral partner ecosystem should be aware of the branding, trademark and other IP requirements these partners may have.

Rise partner ecosystem

The Rise partner ecosystem refers to a set of service providers for which RingCentral provides cloud communication services over their backbone, but under the RingCentral brand. Customers affiliated with these partners download and access the same URLs and applications used by RingCentral customers.

As a result, apps built for RingCentral will automatically be compatible with, and promoted within the main RingCentral App Gallery.

Service Provider Service Name Brand Id
Frontier Frontier + RingCentral 4910
Symphony RingCentral for Symphony 4810
1&1 Connected Calls RingCentral mit 1&1 Connected Calls 4710
ecotel RingCentral mit ecotel 4210
Verizon RingCentral with Verizon 2210

White-labeled partners

RingCentral has forged strategic relationships with a number of service providers around the world. These partners offer RingCentral-powered cloud communication services under their own brand. While third-parties are not obligated in anyway to co-brand their integrations for these providers, third-party developers should be aware of these partners to optimize their marketing and communications for customers affiliated with them.

Brand and localization

Service Name Brand Id Provider Primary Color Languages Geographies Logo
AT&T Office@Hand 3420 AT&T #0A6EBE US English, UK English, Canadian French, French French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch United States, UK, Canada and 11 EU countries, including Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France and Italy. Office@Hand Logo
Avaya Cloud Office 6010 Avaya #DA291C US English United States Avaya Cloud Office Logo
BT Cloud Work 7710 BT #5514B4 UK English United Kingdom BT Cloud Work Logo
Rainbow Office 2110 Alcatel #6B489D US English, French, German France and Germany Rainbow Office Logo
TELUS Business Connect 7310 TELUS #66cc00 US English, Canadian French Canada TELUS Logo
Unify Office 2020 Atos #0066A1 US English, French, German France and Germany Atos Unify Office Logo
Vodafone Business 7010 Vodafone #E60000 Vodafone Business Logo

Feature limitations

SMS limitations

The following service providers do not support the sending and receiving of SMS text messages to/from national and international DID numbers. Text messaging is supported only using pager messaging to connect extension numbers within an account.

  • Avaya Cloud Office
  • BT Cloud Work
  • Rainbow Office
  • Unify Office