Updating a profile in the RingCentral App Gallery

Last updated: 2024-01-31Contributors
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Submitting your App Gallery profile for the first time? Learn how to submit a profile »

If you have previously submitted an App Gallery profile, you can create a revision to submit for review. When making a revision to existing profile, you do not need to worry about overwriting your existing profile, as we review all changes prior to making them public.

Click "Edit"

To create a revision, find the app whose profile you would like to edit. Click the "App Gallery" menu option. Then click "Edit."

Make your changes

Your current profile will be shown to you by default. Proceed to make any changes you feel are necessary.

Submit your revision for review

When you are done, click the button "Submit for approval." Within 3-5 business days our team will review your revision, and notify you via email if there are any further actions you need to take prior to approving your edits.