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Tightly integrate business communications within your CRM platform

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Strategically place CRM calls

Initiate RingCentral Sales calls directly from your CRM

Manage a country-wide promotional sale by targeting specific client demographics and booking appointment viewings accordingly. Access contact information from your CRM and have a RingCentral integration click-and-dial any prospects. With the same RingCentral integration you can then send booked appointment details to your regional sales representatives through SMS.

Direct incoming calls to appropriate destination

Handle incoming calls based on area code and direct the call to the appropriate recipient.

Identify a caller's geographical location based on the call's area code and with a RingCentral platform integration you can route the call to the appropriate team member in the caller's region.

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Empower your Salesforce system with cloud communications capabilities and create a more collaborative CRM experience.
Let RingCentral for Salesforce enhance your CRM and Service Management experience by automating workflows, increasing call efficiency and improving the quality of customer interactions. The integration works in both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. RingCentral for Salesforce lets you make and receive calls directly from your Salesforce account. You can now schedule RingCentral Video meetings, in addition to quickly assigning call dispositions, logging calls, taking notes and more, without jumping back and forth between applications. Available for Salesforce Classic or Salesforce Lightning. Applicable for both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.
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Retrieve caller’s account history during inbound call

Prepare service agent with caller’s pertinent information when a call comes in

Integration with a call center and RingCentral can provide improved call experiences on service calls. When a call arrives through RingCentral’s Call Management API the customer can be identified by the incoming phone number. The customer record can then be retrieved and displayed to the service agent who can then see the customer history and take notes on the current call.

Keep stakeholders informed

Send SMS to team members when sales milestones are being passed

Keep top executives informed of events happening and decisions being made on a corporate sales level. No matter where the executives are in the world you can keep them informed of changing sales events as they unfold by sending out informative SMS messages with an integration between your company’s CRM application and RingCentral's SMS API.

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Integrate your phone system with Zoho CRM and boost your teams' productivity with improved call management and CRM experience.
Zoho CRM for RingCentral helps your sales and support teams with better call handling and CRM experience. With features like single-click dialing, screen pop-ups for incoming calls, automatic call logging, and much more, they can manage all call-related activities inside Zoho CRM. Thus focus on their calls, be more productive, and have enriched customer interactions.