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Keeping property information current and relevant with the help of RingCentral APIs

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Automated SMS Communications

Relevant and accurate property information at your fingertips

Keeping buyers and sellers up to date on listings and status can be challenging and time consuming.  Failure to keep buyers up to date can result in lost sales, or worse, the buyer seeking out a new realtor or third party service.  Likewise, sellers often become antsy and concerned about the progress of the showings, often quick to switch realtors if they do not feel there is adequate progress or communication.

With the RingCentral SMS API you can significantly increase your communication with both. Buyers can automatically be sent show time confirmations and new listings with embedded pictures, videos, and links! For buyers that are not actively seeking on a regular basis, you can even automate a periodic check-in to see if they are currently looking. When show times are booked or someone shows interest, you can automatically message the seller to keep them updated on the progress, even building out SMS reports to highlight the number of shows, hot leads, and more. 

You can even expand your reach and increase your lead database by using the RingCentral SMS API to let interested buyers text a number to learn more about a property. You can then follow up with an automated survey to further qualify the buyer, send nurturing texts to keep them informed or engaged, and even send out additional listings that might be similar to their current interests.

Virtual tours using RingCentral Video

View properties without leaving home

In addition to all the new ways to communicate by words, is a way to communicate through video via RingCentral Video. Given how the real estate business depends on pictures and video as much or more so than it does on numbers, the way a person sees and feels about a property is possibly more important than what it might cost. Being able to show a potential buyer what a location looks like without them having to physically be there is quite valuable (after all, a picture is worth a thousand words). 

Virtual tours remove the challenge and hassle of having to travel long distances to explore potential residences, especially when moving long distances. Real estate agents can invite potential buyers to explore a potential house from miles away. Coupled with the added ability to live chat with the agent, realtors can field questions on the spot and have their prospects feel confident that their concerns and queries are being quickly addressed. The video tour can also be recorded so that anyone not able to attend the live event can watch it at a more convenient time.

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Fidelity Real Estate cuts expenses
With RingCentral’s help this top timeshare broker cut its telecom costs by 50%
When Fidelity rolled out RingCentral’s all-in-one cloud solution, the firm replaced its old PBX system and solved many operational challenges at the same time. “With RingCentral, we really have everything we could’ve asked for in a communications solution—including a provider that actually saves us money."
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Automated Paperwork and Faxes

RingCentral products help with the paper trail

No property transaction comes without paperwork. The bill of sale, transfer of deeds, title searches, legal documents, contractor inspections, and so on all have to be done. Even before a deal is struck the paper trail begins. How great  would it be to be able to have the paperwork all managed electronically? With the RingCentral APIs, this is completely possible. You can instruct your API to send documents via electronic Fax, or have them integrated within external platforms like Box or DocuSign. Through the API you can also automatically keep the recipients updated by SMS text message with automated SMS and phone reminders every step of a predefined workflow, so that they are aware of when their documents are ready for review.

Going even further

Trim down the home buyers requirements to their real needs with chatbot interactions

Chatbots can be used to determine the general interest level of a potential buyer and can help to determine what types of property they are looking for. Using a series of questions that can be sent and answered, can help direct the interested party to a subset of listings and at the same time reduce the investigative burden for the agent. Questions like price range, general neighborhood location, number of bedrooms, amenities (pool, gardens, acreage, etc.), number of garages, and so on can be used to filter down the offered properties of interest. The listing links can then be sent out by either email or SMS text message. Either SMS, Team Messaging, or the RingCentral Engage Digital Chatbot API can be used to program this kind of interaction and decision making flow. You can set the series of questions and their expected answers and have the chatbot respond accordingly, taking the user all the way to the end and allowing you to automate tailored SMS, emails, voice calls, and more - while prioritizing pre-approved buyers and connecting others automatically to a loan officer.

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Jamestown builds solid communications foundation
Unified cloud communications helps Jamestown operate globally.
The company, which employs 450 people worldwide, has offices in Amsterdam, Bogotá, Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. Clear and reliable communications is paramount for success. Thanks to their new communications solution from RingCentral, Jamestown is well positioned to be the nimble, fast-moving company that closes the deal anywhere in the world. And when they’re not in the office, staff can just as easily use any of their cloud communication tools — business phone, video conferencing, team messaging, file sharing — on their laptops and smartphones.