Programmable Fax API

Add programmable and customizable fax capabilities to your applications

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Global, United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America

Send and receive faxes within your app

Go beyond traditional paper faxing with the RingCentral Fax API

Send from 29 different file formats, automatically resend on busy signals, forward to another number, manage a sending queue to maintain frequency compliance, high volume scalability, and more.

Customize fax covers and content

Create your own cover pages and craft your fax content from multiple sources then distribute your way

Customize your cover pages with provided templates or use your own design content. Build the fax body by automatically concatenating multiple files of different formats with a single API request. Send and receive faxes using email.

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Manage and automate your fax workflows

The RingCentral Fax API can be used to manage tasks and events for both incoming and outgoing faxes

Manage a list of phone numbers to use. Receive an email confirmation or custom webhook notification on successful fax read or delivery. Deleting old or unwanted faxes to meet organization and user archival requirements.

Fax API Code Examples

Adding fax to your application couldn’t be easier with our SDKs for C#, PHP, JavaScript, and Python.
            var FormData = require('form-data');
formData = new FormData();
formData.append('json', new Buffer(JSON.stringify({
    to: [ {'phoneNumber': recipient} ],
    faxResolution: 'High',
    coverPageText: "This is a demo Fax page"
})), {
    filename: 'request.json',
    contentType: 'application/json'
formData.append('attachment', require('fs').createReadStream('fax.jpg'));'/account/~/extension/~/fax', formData)
      .then(function (resp) {
         console.log("FAX sent. Message status: " + resp.json().messageStatus)

Simple API pricing, starting at free!

The RingCentral Fax API is included RingEX plans. Additional toll-free and international voice and fax minutes are available as add-ons with a minimal per minute fee.
Local number
Unlimited faxing within the US and Canada
3.9¢/ min
Toll-Free Faxing
Use your toll-free business number
See Rates
International Faxing
Send faxes to over 190 countries

Fax API frequently asked questions

To help you manage your business faxing, here are some of the most common questions we get. Of course, you can always ask our community or contact our developer support for any questions you might have.

What is Fax API?

Do I need a fax machine to use this API?

How do I customize cover sheets?

How do I join multiple fax documents into a single document?

What types of analytics are available?

We have offices all over the world, will this work for us?

williamsburg resized
Initially, the city had many different systems; now we have [RingEX] for voice and fax and RingCentral Video and Meetings for collaboration, one platform that is extremely easy to use and offers new features we didn’t have before—like instant messaging and single dial.
Mark Barham Director of Information Technology
We’ve had employees during the lockdown logging into call queues from their laptops or mobile phones and helping our policyholders. Without RingCentral, there’s just no way it would’ve run that smoothly.
Scott Hemme Director of Information Systems and Data Quality
[RingEX] certainly had the feature set we needed—and more, it turns out—but we wouldn’t have gone with RingCentral if it weren’t for the company’s reputation as a leader.
Bron McCall CTO
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