RingCentral for Healthcare

Streamline communications, deliver quality patient care, expand telehealth services, and manage regulatory compliance.

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HIPAA Compliant

RingCentral is secure and HIPAA compliant

RingCentral continues to earn and maintain the highest level industry certifications

Patient privacy is top of mind for healthcare, and ensuring your communications are secure and private is top of mind for RingCentral.  With third party auditing and certification, RingCentral provides solutions that are HIPAA and ISO compliant, as well as solutions that meet HL7 standards to give you the confidence with your medical communications.

Optimizing clinic calls with healthcare integrations

Healthcare system integration improves client data lookup

Coordinating information within a clinic is a valuable means of keeping things efficient. This can be done with the RingCentral platform as it can be integrated with other systems through API calls. One such case would be to have a system react to incoming calls in a way that offers the caller’s information to the call receiver while the call is ringing.

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Pacific Dental Services pivots wisely during lockdown
RingCentral gives Pacific Dental Services scalability to support growth and compliance
Because Pacific Dental Services already had RingCentral's solution in place when the pandemic led to stay-at-home orders their network of supported dental practices were well positioned to quickly begin offering teledentistry services to patients all over the country. Pacific Dental Services integrated RingCentral’s SMS text feature with an app for healthcare practices that removes protected health information (PHI) from digital messages, to help the provider stay on the right side of patient privacy law. They also tapped into RingCentral’s open API platform integrating their communications solution with many other productivity apps to improve the company’s workflows.
SMS Fax api

SMS and Fax APIs for healthcare

Text and Fax communications securely shared among stakeholders

RingCentral’s SMS and Fax APIs are being put to great use. When new information on a patient is created that data needs to be shared among many disparate systems. This has been done in the past through FAX, email, carriers, and even postal “snail” mail. For example, specialist doctor examinations are automatically sent to the GP / family doctor for their records and review.

Appointment and medication reminders

SMS is being used to help manage medical appointments and medication regimen

Take advantage of SMS to send scheduling reminders, confirmations, and even let patients reschedule from their phone.  Decrease missed appointments with a simple “confirm your appointment for today” messages.  Enhance the level of care you provide and help ensure patients take their medication as advised with daily medication reminders.

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Senderra RX Excels at Customer Service
Specialty Pharmacy Ranked #1 in Customer Service Chose RingCentral for its Patient Communications
Senderra RX is one of the major specialty pharmacies in the United States. Having to deal with complex and unique perscriptions for illnesses equally as complex; such as respiratory conditions, endocrine disorders, and compromised immune systems, they needed a flawless communications system. Senderra RX has won numerous awards for customer service—including the national #1 ranking by prescribers in the Zitter Health Insights Survey. This was mainly achieved by integrating their systems with the RingCentral API. They were then able to leverage a unified communications solution to assist them with the automation of many of its processes and workflows.

Offer telehealth services

Remote, safe, recordable doctor / patient interactions

Also to be considered in the current climate of physical distancing is the ability for doctors to see their patients in video call situations. This can be done with the RingCentral Video platform, and with the help of the API it can record the sessions and attach them to the patient’s overall health history. While the video session is happening the API can interface with transcription tools and help to identify some patterns in the text of the conversation; with proper AI training medical issues can even be identified and possible diagnoses might be proffered.

Preliminary care chatbots

Chatbots assist patients in making healthcare decisions and understanding their diagnosis

Chatbots can be used to help inform patients regarding their current symptoms and what type of care they should receive.  They can also provide helpful updates regarding existing diagnosis, medication questions including interactions, and even assist in appointment rescheduling.

preliminary care
Carlton Senior Living Communities improves their communications
Levels of care grow exponentially at dozens of facilities with cloud communications
Switching from walkie-talkies to a cloud based multi-device platform has not only improved communications within a single facility but also allowed for multi-site collaboration. Not only were phone connections vastly improved but video conferencing, SMS, team chatting, faxing, and image and file sharing were all added bonuses. This ultimately resulted in higher levels of resident care and quality of life; the end goal of any care facility.

Healthcare incident patterns identified by and AI / ML

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in use

Hospitals and long term care homes are starting to use machine learning and API triggers to analyze incident reports to identify emerging patterns. Every year massive amounts of data are collected on incidents that happen within the medical system. With an overwhelming amount of medical information Machine Learning is being tasked to identify patterns that may be pointing to correctable issues.