Call reporting

Analyze call, fax, and SMS data Logs to create reports and feed dashboards

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Slice and dice call data for insights

Analyze call volume and call length for reporting to management

Integrate RingCentral's call reporting features into an executive dashboard application so that each company department can easily provide management personnel with automated reports that compare call volume and call duration by teams, optionally sliced by geography and markets.

Communication statistical data at your CRM fingertips

Use aggregated communication information to better plan your Customer Relationship Interactions

Integrate RingCentral's reporting into a CRM application and gain instant access to contact data for any customer, partner, or prospect. Have valuable access to information like date of call, call duration, call direction (inbound / outbound), and contact person, all in one place.

Construction Monitor
Construction Monitor Builds on RingCentral Call Data
Construction Monitor aggregates information on building permits and turns that data into sales leads for builders and subcontractors. By using RingCentral's APIs they have integrated their call management application with analytical reporting to fine tune their sales and marketing efforts.
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Foster team performance gains with competition

Have your team members compete among themselves to achieve higher performance goals

You can take advantage of highly visual metrics from RingCentral reporting and have them displayed on wall-mounted monitors. This can then be used as incentivizing information showing team performance based on calls per hour per representative and call length. This can help to foster a positive motivational environment for an entire team by showing them who the leaders are and how much effort it would take to match them.

Integrate call time reporting into a billing system for accuracy

Correctly track time spent on calls and bill accordingly

If you charge customers by the amount of time your agents are spending with them on the phone, you can integrate RingCentral reporting with a billing system to aid in the creation of accurate detailed bills. This would also help to eliminate manual error-prone reporting or other errors while promoting transparency with customers.

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I Love Travel
Student Travel Specialist Creates Visual Call Queue to Improve Call Center Services
Working with the RingCentral Platform APIs, I Love Travel has created a custom visual call queue display that is used to monitor and manage their call center to help make sure hold times are short and customer service is maximized.