Click-to-dial integration

Integrate click-to-dial into your applications to make placing calls easier

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make calls

Quickly and accurately place service calls

Reach your target calls with API integration magic

Speed up customer reach outs and reduce wrong number calls with click-to-dial integration using the RingCentral RingOut API or adding the RingCentral Embeddable widget to your app or CRM. Quickly click on any phone number to make an outbound call, or use the click-to-call widget or API to enable your customers to quickly contact your customer support.

Take advantage of targeted, regional calling

Integrate your CRM with RingCentral and make customer calls more personal

Connect your CRM with RingCentral's APIs to allow your marketing department to connect sales representatives with groups of conference attendees based on location and time zone. The representatives can then use click-to-dial to reach out to the attendees quickly and easily to confirm or encourage their attendance while providing a personal touch.

route calls
Integrating with a CRM to allow Click to Dial access when contacting prospects
This HR support company Is improving workflows, delivering better service, and uncovering new opportunities with RingCentral. Using click to dial to efficiently call employee prospects.

Schedule your outbound calls

Optimize your calling team with targeted outgoing calls

A Sales team wants to follow up with a group of customers who are eligible for a product upgrade and want to make sure they can reach them at a convenient time to talk. Because their CRM application has click-to-dial capabilities, customer-defined preferences, like preferred time of day and preferred phone number, are automatically selected by the system and displayed for the sales representative, who just clicks the phone number link at the appropriate time to reach the customer while they’re open to discussions.