Team Messaging integration

Build alert bots and automate task workflows for teams

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Dynamic and reactive customer care

Create teams groups when support requests arrive

Create dynamically generated teams that include predetermined members every time a new support ticket is issued. This helps to ensure that all required individuals get included in the resolution process and relevant conversations. It also helps to keep all pertinent information organized in one central repository.

Create message bots

Use our API to easily build messaging bots on bot framework platforms

Use Hubot, Lyta, Botkit, and other popular bot frameworks to quickly build messaging alert bots. Team messaging APIs and SDKs allow you to accelerate innovation and automation to build enterprise bots with stronger contextual awareness. You can even programmatically incorporate third-party app data to automate workflow tasks.

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Leverage your cloud investment

Extend your ROI on cloud technologies by sharing and consolidating your precious company information

Securely expose your data from within your business applications to simplify, automate, and accelerate decision-making processes. You can even accelerate the process by taking advantage of over 40 out-of-the-box integrations for easy adoption into your app ecosystem.