Specific Message Batch Event

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This event is triggered when a specific message batch changes in a material way.

  • Filter: /restapi/v1.0/account/{accountId}/a2p-sms/batches/{batchId}
  • Required permission: ReadAccounts
  • Available since: 1.0.45 (Release 20.4)

Event payload

Parameter Type Description
id string Unique identifier of the message batch
from string Phone number in E.164 format from which the messages are going to be sent
batchSize integer Total number of messages in the accepted batch
processedCount integer Total number of messages currently processed in the batch
lastModifiedTime string Last time the batch was processed
status 'Processing' or 'Completed' Current status of a message batch
creationTime string The time at which the batch was created


  "uuid": "845056649859290276",
  "event": "/restapi/v1.0/account/405151939033/a2p-sms/batches/5642276556",
  "subscriptionId": "8566621d-c21d-41e6-8656-9e45100eb9dd",
  "ownerId": "405151939033",
  "timestamp": "2021-05-26T04:15:54.394Z",
  "body": {
    "lastModifiedTime": "2021-05-26T04:15:54.011183Z",
    "cost": 0.05,
    "processedCount": 1,
    "creationTime": "2021-05-26T04:15:50.612950Z",
    "from": "+14089150788",
    "id": "b6f5610f-5ff1-4273-8a8d-e3742ba4e683",
    "batchSize": 1,
    "status": "Completed"

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