Using an Incoming Webhook to post a message to a chat

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This documentation is for Incoming Webhooks version 2. Which version are you using?

Depending upon when an Incoming Webhook was created, you may notice a slight variation in their URL format, which you can use to identify what version of Incoming Webhooks you are using:

Version URI Scheme
1{ webhook id }
2{ webhook id }

Read the documentation for Incoming Webhooks version 1.

Migrating between Incoming Webhook versions

One can easily switch between using the two version by manually editing the Incoming Webhook's URL accordingly.

What is an "Incoming Webhook?"

An Incoming Webhook is a mechanism designed to enable third-parties to post messages into a specific chat. Using an Incoming Webhook for example, one can direct a service like Asana, Jira, or Pagerduty to post an event/webhook emitted by that service to an Incoming Webhook's URL. Then for supported service providers, RingCentral will convert the event payload it receives into a message, and post it to the corresponding team.

How to post a message via an Incoming Webhook

To post a message via an Incoming Webhook, one composes a JSON formatted message and then posts that message to the Incoming Webhook's URL. Using this methodology, one can post visually rich and information dense messages to a chat.

To post a message successfully, the Content-Type should be set to application/json.

Cards are the most common form of post as they provide a more practical way of transmitting lots of information to a reader in a screen efficient way.

How to compose a message and card in JSON

A message has a very simple structure. It contains a message in the text field, and a set of attachmemts. An attachment can be an image, a file, an event, or a card. The following example shows a sample message with a single Card attachment.

  "activity": "Force Alerts",
  "iconUri": "",
  "title": "1 force alert",
  "text": "Be mindful of the force",
  "attachments": [
      "type": "Card",
      "fallback": "Something bad happened",
      "color": "#00ff2a",
      "intro": "There was a disturbance in the force.",
      "author": {
        "name": "Ben Kenobi",
        "uri": "",
        "iconUri": "",
      "title": "I felt something...",
      "body": " if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.",
      "fields": [
          "title": "Where",
          "value": "Alderaan",
          "style": "Short"
          "title": "What",
          "value": "Giant explosion",
          "style": "Short"

Posting the above JSON to an Incoming Webhook will result in a message that appears as follows:

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