Using RingCentral Video with Embeddable

Last updated: 2020-10-19 Contributors John WangEmbbnux Ji
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RingCentral Embeddable provides built-in support for RingCentral Video. Most of the features of RingCentral Video in RC App are supported:

  • Schedule, start, and join meetings
  • Check meeting and meeting recording list
  • Log meetings and recording links to app

The following shows click-to-schedule, the main meeting tab, and the meeting/recording log.

Schedule a meeting

Click-to-schedule a meeting an be implemented by posting a rc-adapter-message-request message with the /schedule-meeting path. By ssending the meeting details, the widget will automatically pre-populate thee create meeting field with the correct info which can be reviewed and modified by the user before submisssion.

Schedule a meeting
// meeting info
const meetingBody = {
  topic: "Embbnux Ji's Meeting",
  meetingType: "Scheduled",
  password: "",
  schedule: {
    startTime: 1583312400368,
    durationInMinutes: 60,
    timeZone: {
      id: "1"
  allowJoinBeforeHost: false,
  startHostVideo: false,
  startParticipantsVideo: false,
  audioOptions: [

// send a request to schedule meeting
const requestId =;
  type: 'rc-adapter-message-request',
  requestId: requestId,
  path: '/schedule-meeting',
  body: meetingBody,
}, '*');

This is also covered in the SDK docs for schedule a meeting.

Listen schedule meeting result

To receive a schedule meeting result event, you can subscribe to events using window.addEventListner and filtering on rc-adapter-message-response message type.

// listen response
window.addEventListener('message', function (e) {
  var data =;
  if (data && data.type === 'rc-adapter-message-response') {
    if (data.responseId === requestId) {

Meeting status event

Get meeting status and permission:

window.addEventListener('message', (e) => {
  const data =;
  if (data) {
    switch (data.type) {
      case 'rc-meeting-status-notify':
        // get meeting status and permission from widget
        console.log('rc-meeting-status-notify:', data.ready, data.permission);

To open the Embeddable width and navigate to the meetings tab, call window.postMessage with message type rc-adapter-navigate-to and the /meeting path.

  type: 'rc-adapter-navigate-to',
  path: '/meeting', // '/messages', '/dialer', '/history', '/settings'
}, '*');

Sync Meeting Logs and Recordings

You can sync meeting log records and recordings to your app by enabling the log button on the meeting history page. This will display a log button beside each historical meeting to initiate sync process. Full documentation on how to do this is available on the Embeddable repo.