Introduction to the RingCentral Meetings API

Last updated: 2024-01-31Contributors
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The RingCentral Meetings API has been deprecated

The RingCentral Meetings API is being phased out in favor of our newer RingCentral Video API. Existing applications that have access to the Meetings API will continue to be supported, but new applications that require access to the RingCentral Meetings API will need to request the "Meetings" app scope be added to their application by a RingCentral support representative.

Getting Started with Meetings

The RingCentral Meetings API gives developers the ability to create, schedule, update and delete meetings. In addition, the API gives one access to the list of dial-in phone numbers, URLs, and other connection information so that organizers can compose proper invitations to meeting attendees.

We invite all developers to try out our Meeting API by writing a simple app to schedule a meeting in almost no time at all. Get started using a Quick Start in any of the following languages:

Javascript » PHP » Python » Ruby » Java » C# »

How do I schedule a meeting?

The primary purpose of the Meetings API is to enable developers to create and schedule meetings with others. The sequence of creating a meeting and inviting others would be as follows:

  1. Create meeting using the Create Meeting API
  2. Get the Meeting Service Info in order to compose an invitation with all the necessary connection information.
  3. Send your invitation to desired attendees.

Create a meeting using a Quick Start Guide »

How do I invite people to attend a meeting?

RingCentral meetings can be attended by anyone who has a link, so there is no API needed in order to add participants. Just create the meeting, obtain the meeting URL, and send it to whomever needs to attend.