Promoting your application in the RingCentral App Gallery

Last updated: 2021-05-25 Contributors Byrne Reese
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RingCentral is a platform that gives developers access to hundreds of thousands of customers across some of the largest brands in the world, including AT&T, Avaya, BT, Telus, Verizon, and more. This guide will help you reach these customers by promoting your app within each brand's dedicated App Gallery. Let's get started!

Need to update an existing App Gallery profile? Learn how to submit a revision »

Customizing your app for our partner ecosystem

To best position and market your product to our brand and distribution partners, learn about their brand guidelines, and how to compose connect buttons for them.

AT&T Office@Hand and Verizon have additional technical requirements developers should be aware of as well.

Read our Partner compatibility guide to learn more.

We recommend you get started by successfully creating and publishing an App Gallery Profile for the official RingCentral App Gallery. Let's begin. Login to the RingCentral Developer Console, then from your list of application, select the one you would like to promote, and then click the "App Gallery" tab. Then follow the steps below.

If you have not yet created an app gallery profile, you will be prompted to create one as shown in the following screenshot.

If you have already published an app gallery profile, you will see an option to edit your profile, as well as a list of all the app galleries your profile is currently published within.

Finally, some developers may still be using our legacy profile editing experience, which requires developers to manage each app gallery listing independently. You will know if your app is still using this legacy system if your App Gallery tab looks like the following screenshot.

Tell us about your app

Use the app gallery profile editor to compose a profile that is both informative and attractive to potential customers. Our editor will prompt you not only for content that will be displayed publicly in the app gallery, but also information RingCentral administrators will use to help you promote your app throughout our app gallery network.

Click "Save as draft" to save your work and come back later to finish. When you are finished, click "Submit for approval" to continue on to the next step.

Save and preview often

Be sure to save your app profile often as you go, and to preview it to see what it will look like when it goes live. This will help you create a profile that is complete, and looks good. We recommend partners pay close attention to the following:

  • Upload or link to a video that shows your product in action.
  • Upload a number of detailed screenshots.
  • Provide us with sufficient content for the Support and Installation areas.

Submit your application for review

Before your app can be listed in an app gallery, the RingCentral team will first review your app and will make recommendations to help you improve your app profile to better reach our customer base.

Upon clicking "Submit for approval" you will be asked to confirm in which app galleries you would like your profile published.

Don't see the app gallery you are looking for?

The list of app gallery profiles you are able to create is dependent upon what partners you enabled your app for when it was created. Unfortunately you cannot edit this list yourself after the app is created. To obtain help in making these changes, please login and submit a help ticket with our Developer Support Team.

You can only submit your application for approval, after the app has graduated.

The graduation process ensures that only high-quality and reliable applications are permitted access to our production environment. While you are free to compose your app gallery profile at any time, you will be required to go through our graduation process before you are allowed to publish your app profile to any app gallery.

Please note special technical requirements for AT&T Office@Hand and Verizon

To make your application available to AT&T Office@Hand and Verizon customers, developers will have to make special accommodations. Please read about the technical requirements for apps operating in our segregated environment to learn more.

After you have entered all the information describing your brand new app, you can preview it by clicking the 'Save and preview' button.

Become a partner

Partners receive a number of benefits, one of the most valuable being featured in the RingCentral App Gallery. To join the CP3 program as a Premier Partner, please fill out our partner application form. Being featured is at the discretion of our Connect Platform Partner team.