RingCX Digital Channel SDK

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The RingCX Digital Channel SDK is an easy way for any content provider to integrate his source data into our application: RingCX Digital. Agents and community managers using RingCX Digital will be able to interact in an efficient and trackable way with the content provider and benefit from all RingCX Digital features (autocategorization, knowledge database, reporting, ...).

This guide is meant to provide developers with a comprehensive overview of the available features and with enough examples to make it simple to create an implementation for any system. Besides the guide itself, we have created example implementations for Wordpress and phpBB, that you can find below.

SDKs for Channel SDK

SDKs make it easier to setup your source and establish a connection to the channel. The following frameworks are provided below to ease your integration built on common programming languages.

Example Implementations

Integrate Your Wordpress Blog
Wordpress Plugin

The simplest way to integrate your Wordpress blog with RingCentral RingCX Digital.

Integrate Your phpBB Bulletin Board
phpBB Plugin

A very simple method to integrate your phpBB bulletin board with RingCentral RingCX Digital.

Integrate Reddit
Reddit Source Demo App

A simple example to integrate Reddit with RingCentral RingCX Digital.

Integrate RingCentral Team Messaging
RingCentral Team Messaging Source Demo App

A very simple method to integrate RingCentral Team Messaging with RingCentral RingCX Digital.

We have split the documentation in a few parts for easy reference.