RingCX Digital SDKs and Sample Apps

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Client SDKs

Client SDKs provide native language interface to RingCX Digital REST APIs.

Chatbot Framework

Chatbots allow organizations to provide automated customer communications with in the chat stream for automated customer interaction. In addition to the pre-built framework below, see our [Chatbot Developer Guide] on how to build chatbots from scratch using the APIs.

Messaging SDKs

RingCX Digital Messaging SDKs are libraries that allow integration of rich in-app communication directly into into native mobile application to provide for communication between a company and its customer though its mobile application. As a developer you just have to load the RingCX Digital Messaging SDK in your app with an API token, plug it to app notification and decide where/how the user will be able to open it and under which identity.

Channel SDKs

Channel SDKs and Frameworks allow connection of RingCX Digital to other messaging systems easily. Some built-in sources include Apple Messages for Business, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, etc.

Community SDKs and Sample Apps

In addition to the official RingCentral SDKs there are a number of unofficial libraries, plugins and sample apps for a range of languages built by amazing communities of active developers. The list below includes libraries and apps for the RingCentral RingCX Digital APIs.

If you’ve built your own RingCentral RingCX Digital library, plugin, or open source app, please file a help ticket with our support team and we'll evaluate it for this list.

Some of these integrations may be incomplete. Feedback and bugs should be directed to their representative authors.