Uploading Files

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The Attachments API allows you to upload file in order to use it later on in another API call (e.g. to create a content). In order to upload a file to our API you need to pass the file parameter as multipart form data.

Using Curl

You can upload file via Curl by using the -F option with the path to your file, here’s an example:

curl -X POST https://[YOUR DOMAIN].api.engagement.local.dimelo.info/1.0/attachments?access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN -F 'file=@path/to/your/file'

Using Postman

Postman also allows you to upload files by adding a form-data parameter named file, and by choosing the file you want to upload as shown in screenshot below.

  1. Select POST method
  2. Select Body tab
  3. Select 'form-data' option
  4. Add key called "file"
  5. Choose file off of file-system
  6. Click "Send"

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