About Time Select Structured Messages

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This structured message provides a list of dates from which the customer can choose an appointment. See Channel capabilities to know on which channel you can use this structured message.

Request Example

curl -X POST "https://[YOUR DOMAIN].api.digital.ringcentral.com/1.0/contents"
  "source_id": "<source_id>",
  "in_reply_to_id": "<in_reply_to_id>",
  "body": "Choose your appointment",
  "structured_content": {
    "type": "time_select",
    "attachment_id": "<attachment_id>",
    "location": {
      "latitude": 48.874989,
      "longitude": 2.345589,
      "radius": 100,
      "title": "Office"
    "timeslots": [
        "duration": 3600,
        "start_time": "2020-04-26T08:00+0200",
        "identifier": "identifier 1"
        "duration": 3600,
        "start_time": "2020-04-28T08:45+0200",
        "identifier": "identifier 2"
        "duration": 5,
        "start_time": "2020-04-28T22:45+0200",
        "identifier": "identifier 3"

Primary Parameters

API Property Type Description
source_id String Optional. ID of the source. Most interactions are in reply to a message being sent to the agent. In these cases, the source ID is not required.
in_reply_to_id String ID of the message being replied to.
body String The time_select structured message body.
structured_content Object Payload of the structured message.
Structured Content Settings
structured_content.type String Type of the structured message. Must be "time_select".
structured_content.timeslots Array Represents the different options for the event.
structured_content.attachment_id String Optional. Existing attachment id used to decorate the time_select with an image.
Supports private attachments.
Should be jpg, jpeg or png.
Should be less than 5MB.
structured_content.location Object Optional. Represents the location of the event.
Time Slot Settings
structured_content.timeslots.duration Integer The duration of the event in seconds.
structured_content.timeslots.start_time String The start time of the event using the format "2020-04-26T08:00+0200".
structured_content.timeslots.identifier String The identifier of the time slot.
Location Settings
structured_content.location.latitude Number The latitude of the location.
structured_content.location.longitude Number The longitude of the location.
structured_content.location.radius Integer The radius around latitude/longitude of the location.
structured_content.location.title String The title of the location.

Example: Apple Messages for Business (Time Picker)

Nothing specifically unique as this is an Apple Messages for Business specific structured message type.