Introduction to Routing APIs

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In a contact center, inbound calls are normally routed to a queue and agent based on a set of preconfigured rules and priorities. Routing rules and priorities are set based on agent skills, languages, ranking systems, schedules and a few other components.

  • Inbound Queue Groups are containers for one or more queues.

  • Inbound Queues are nested within the queue groups.

  • Routing Rules determine where inbound calls get routed to.

  • Routing Priorities determine which queue and agent inbound calls are routing to first.

Routing components are comprised of a lot of configuration settings. Creating them via UI interfaces is a time consuming process. The Queues, Routing Rules, Skills and other related APIs provide useful functionalities to fully or partially automate the creation process programmatically.

Queue Group
Queue Group API

Use RingCentral Queue Groups to organize queues for incoming calls to route to.

Queues API

Use RingCentral Queues to route customers to Agents based upon the Agent's experience and priority.

Queue Events
Queue Events API

Create a specific experience you want each caller to have while waiting for an agent to take their call.

Group Skills
Skills API

The first step in assigning skills to agents. Create a Group Skill so you have skills that can be bound to Agents..