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The Dialer Result Download provides data on all calls matching the search criteria. Administrators use this report to get information on specific agents and call/chat activities including agent notes.

Please Note

Calls will appear in this report a few minutes after a call ends or agent dispositions, whichever comes last. Live calls are not included in this report. If you wish to retrieve information on live calls, see the Active Calls API.

Primary Parameters

The dialer result report has a number of request properties that allow filtering results (criteria):

API Property Description
reportType  set this to DIALER_RESULT_DOWNLOAD. This corresponds to the Dialer Result Download real-time report in the analytics console.
reportCriteria.criteriaType set this to DIALER_RESULT_DOWNLOAD_CRITERIA. This defines the criteria type for this specific report.
reportCriteria.startDate a start date is required. This should be in ISO-8601 format such as: 2020-04-22T00:00:00.000-0000.
reportCriteria.endDate  field is optional and uses the same format as startDate.
reportCriteria.includeAuxData Set to true to download all aux data.
reportCriteria.includeXferData Set to true to download all transfer data (fields that start with ‘transfer_’).
reportCriteria.includeSpeedToLead Set to true to download all speed to lead data (fields that start with ‘speed_to_lead_’).
reportCriteria.dialedLeadsReportType set to ALL_LEADS to retrieve all the leads, or ALL_PASSES to just retrieve passes for each lead, or LAST_PASSES to retrieve lead's last pass only.
reportCriteria.systemDisposition a predefined set of disposition states. Please review the list of available disposition types.
reportCriteria.schedule.repeatOption set to ONCE to only run this report with this criteria a single time
reportCriteria.schedule.scheduleTimezoneName Use the "TZ database name" from the tz database. For example, US/Pacific.


Be sure to set the proper BASE_URL and authorization header for your deployment.


POST /api/v1/admin/accounts/{accountId}/reportsStreaming
Authorization: bearer <myAccessToken>
Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8
Accept: application/json

    "schedule": {

System Disposition

API Property Description
ALL returns all dialed calls regardless of disposition type
ANSWER returns answered calls
NOANSWER returns calls with no answer
MACHINE returns calls sent to a voicemail or an answering machine
BUSY returns calls with a busy signal
INTERCEPT returns calls noted as invalid numbers
CONGESTION returns calls that ended due to excessive network traffic or insufficient bandwidth
ABANDON returns calls that ended because the system could not find an available agent after dialing the lead
ANSWER-NOT-PERSON returns calls that were answered, but the response was not a real person


The dialer result report returns data in a CSV format like the following.



Column Name Description
callID The unique identifier for the call
ID The unique record ID for this call
campaign_id ID for the campaign
campaign_name A friendly name for the campaign
country_name The call's country of origin
lead_phone The phone number of the lead being called
lead_state The state in which the lead resides
lead_timezone The timezone in which the lead resides
title Name prefix like Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.
first_name The lead's first name
mid_name The lead's middle name
last_name The lead's last name
suffix The leads suffix at the end of their name, like Jr.
address1 First line of address, typically containing street
address2 Second line of address
city City where the lead resides
state State where the lead resides
zip Zip code where the lead resides
lead_passes The number of passes the lead has accured so far
pass_disposition The system disposition for the pass. See system disposition for disposition types
agent_disposition The disposition created by the agent for this pass
call_start The date and time the call began
duration The duration of the call (in minutes)
agent_notes Any notes the agent inserted into the disposition
agent_id The agent ID associated with the pass
extern_agent_id An external agent ID to associated with the pass
username The agent's username
agent_first_name The agent's first name
agent_last_name The agent's last name
loaded_caller_id The loaded caller ID to show the lead when the agent calls
on_hold Duration, in seconds, the call was placed on hold by the agent
dial_type Originating dial type of the call
billing_code Billing code from the lead
aux_data1-5 Auxiliary data for the lead. This can be any information you wish to store for a lead
aux_phone Auxiliary phone number for the lead. This can be any information you wish to store for a lead
upload_date Upload date for a lead list. Note: If leads are added to an existing list, later on the upload date will still reflect the original upload date for the list, not the date the new leads were added
list_state The state of the lead list
list_desc A description of the lead list
recording_url Web address (link) to access the recording of the call
term_session Attempts to determine which party ended the call
email The lead's email address
live_answer_message Field from the lead, an audio file to be played on live answer of power dial
mach_answer_message Field from the lead, an audio file to be played if machine answer is detected
int_prefix The international prefix that was prepended to a lead number for international dialing
int_dest Country destination for an international call
int_cost Cost calculated for international call
transfer_phone The phone number the call was transferred to
transfer_disp The disposition of the transferred call
transfer_duration The amount of time, in seconds, the call was connected to the transfer destination
transfer_type The type of transfer (such as warm or cold) that occurred when the system transferred a connected lead
speed_to_lead_first_pass The amount of time that passed between a lead first being loaded into the system and when the first attempt was made to dial the lead
speed_to_lead_agent_conn The amount of time that passed between a lead first being loaded into the system and when the lead was connected to an agent
dial_duration The amount of time the call spent dialing the destination, in seconds
agent_wait_time The amount of time the agent spent waiting to be connected to the call
agent_wrap_time The amount of time the agent spends pending disposition after a call
transfer_dial_duration Time, in seconds, the call was dialing to the transfer destination
dial_group_id The unique identifier for the dial group
dial_group_name The name of the dial group