About Bulk Lead Import

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The Engage Voice API allows you to load one or multiple leads at a time. You can also load leads for immediate dialing at the top of the dialer cache or in normal priority.

Please Note

To enumerate a list of Campaigns for the campaignId path property, please review section Enumerating Campaigns below.

The JSON body consists of a set of options along with an array of leads in the uploadLeads property

Primary parameters

Some key options for the request body include:

Property Description
dialPriority  set this value to IMMEDIATE to add leads to the top of the dialer queue, NORMAL otherwise.
duplicateHandling Duplicates are determined by the lead's leadPhone property.
  • REMOVE_ALL_EXISTING means to remove the new lead in this batch in favor of the existing lead in any list in the campaign (as long as that lead in the existing lead list was already added with this same property). This means that the lead was already loaded into one of the lists within the campaign using REMOVE_ALL_EXISTING previously.
  • REMOVE_FROM_LIST looks for duplicate leads in the list being uploaded. It does not remove duplicates in the lead list that has already been imported previously.
  • RETAIN_ALL means to keep all duplicates.
timeZoneOption  this field tells the Engage how to set the timezone for the user. Use NPA_NXX to set the timezone via the lead's phone number. Use ZIPCODE to set the timezone via the lead's zipcode. Use EXPLICIT to set the timezone via the CampaignLead object's leadTimezone property. Finally, use NOT_APPLICABLE if there is no timezone desired.

Each load in the uploadLeads array consists of a lead with the following notable options:

Property Description
externId  this is a required string property.
leadPhone this can be a single phone number or a pipe-deliminted field of multiple phone numbers. For US numbers, this is a 10 digit format including area code.

Enumerating Campaigns

Leads are uploaded per Campaign which requires a campaignId. The following two API calls will enable enumerating the account's campaign list.

  1. Call the Get Dial Groups API to get a list of dial groups. Each dial group will have a dialGroupId property.

    GET /api/v1/admin/accounts/{accountId}/dialGroups

  2. For the Dial Group of interest, call the Get Dial Group Campaigns API:

    GET /api/v1/admin/accounts/{accountId}/dialGroups/{dialGroupId}/campaigns

Upload Leads for a campaign

To upload leads for a campaign, we will need a campaign Id. As campaigns are members of a dialing group.

Enumerating Campaigns and Import Leads


Be sure to set the proper BASE_URL and authorization header for your deployment.

```http tab="HTTP" POST {baseURL}/api/v1/admin/accounts/{accountId}/campaigns/{campaignId}/leadLoader/direct Authorization: Bearer

{ "description": "Prospect customers", "dialPriority": "IMMEDIATE", "duplicateHandling": "REMOVE_FROM_LIST", "listState": "ACTIVE", "timeZoneOption": "NOT_APPLICABLE", "uploadLeads": [ { "leadPhone":"1111111111", "externId":"1", "title":"Dr.", "firstName":"Jeff", "midName":"John", "lastName":"Malfetti", "suffix":"Jr.", "address1":"3101 Fake St.", "address2":"Suite 120", "city":"Rock", "state":"CO", "zip":"80500", "email":"test@test.com", "gateKeeper":"Some one", "auxData1":30, "auxData2":"a", "auxData3":100, "auxData4":"aa", "auxData5":1000, "auxPhone":"1111111110", "extendedLeadData":{ "important":"data", "interested":true } },{ "leadPhone":"2222222222", "externId":"222", "firstName":"Jason", "midName":"", "lastName":"Black", "address1":"1514 Bernardo Ave", "city":"New York", "state":"NY", "zip":"10001", },{ "leadPhone":"3333333333", "externId":"333", "firstName":"Rich", "lastName":"Dunbard" } ], "dncTags":[

] }

```javascript tab="Node JS"
/****** Install Node JS SDK wrapper *******
$ npm install ringcentral-engage-voice-client

const RunRequest = async function () {
    const EngageVoice = require('ringcentral-engage-voice-client').default

    // Instantiate the SDK wrapper object with your RingCentral app credentials
    const ev = new EngageVoice({
        clientId: "RINGCENTRAL_CLIENTID",
        clientSecret: "RINGCENTRAL_CLIENTSECRET"

    try {
        // Authorize with your RingCentral Office user credentials
        await ev.authorize({
            username: "RINGCENTRAL_USERNAME",
            extension: "RINGCENTRAL_EXTENSION",
            password: "RINGCENTRAL_PASSWORD"

        // Get Dial Groups data
        const groupsEndpoint = "/api/v1/admin/accounts/{accountId}/dialGroups"
        const groupsResponse = await ev.get(groupsEndpoint)
        for (var group of groupsResponse.data) {
            // Select your Dial Group
            if (group.dialGroupName == "My New Dial Group") {
                const campaignsEndpoint = groupsEndpoint + "/" + group.dialGroupId + "/campaigns"
                const campaignsResponse = await ev.get(campaignsEndpoint)
                for (var campaign of campaignsResponse.data) {
                    // Select your Campaign and import Leads
                    if (campaign.campaignName == "My Predictive Campaign") {
                        const leadsEndpoint = "/api/v1/admin/accounts/{accountId}/campaigns/" + campaign.campaignId + "/leadLoader/direct"
                        const postData = {
                            "listState": "ACTIVE",
                            "duplicateHandling": "RETAIN_ALL",
                            "timeZoneOption": "NPA_NXX",
                            "description": "Lead Search Test",
                            "dialPriority": "IMMEDIATE",
                            "uploadLeads": [{
                                "leadPhone": "8888888888",
                                "externId": "222",
                                "firstName": "Jason",
                                "midName": "",
                                "lastName": "Black",
                                "address1": "1514 Bernardo Ave",
                                "city": "New York",
                                "state": "NY",
                                "zip": "10001",
                            }, {
                                "leadPhone": "3323333333",
                                "externId": "333",
                                "firstName": "Rich",
                                "lastName": "Dunbard"
                        const leadsResponse = await ev.post(leadsEndpoint, postData)
    catch (err) {


```python tab="Python"

Install Python SDK wrapper

from ringcentral_engage_voice import RingCentralEngageVoice

def import_leads(): try: dialGroupsEndpoint = "/api/v1/admin/accounts/{accountId}/dialGroups" dialGroupsResponse = ev.get(dialGroupsEndpoint).json() for group in dialGroupsResponse: # Select your Dial Group if group['dialGroupName'] == "My New Dial Group": campaignsEndpoint = f"{dialGroupsEndpoint}/{group['dialGroupId']}/campaigns" # f string:https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0498/ campaignsResponse = ev.get(campaignsEndpoint).json() for campaign in campaignsResponse: # Select your Campaign and import Leads if campaign['campaignName'] == "My Predictive Campaign": leadsEndpoint = f"/api/v1/admin/accounts/{accountId}/campaigns/{campaign['campaignId']}/leadLoader/direct" postBody = { "description": "Prospect customers", "dialPriority": "IMMEDIATE", "duplicateHandling": "REMOVE_FROM_LIST", "listState": "ACTIVE", "timeZoneOption": "NPA_NXX", "uploadLeads": [{ "leadPhone":"8888888888", "externId":"222", "firstName":"Jason", "midName":"", "lastName":"Black", "address1":"1514 Bernardo Ave", "city":"New York", "state":"NY", "zip":"10001", },{ "leadPhone":"3323333333", "externId":"333", "firstName":"Rich", "lastName":"Dunbard" } ] } leadsResponse = ev.post(leadsEndpoint, postBody).json() print(leadsResponse) break except Exception as e: print(e)


try: # Authorize with your RingCentral Office user credentials ev.authorize( username="RINGCENTRAL_USERNAME", password="RINGCENTRAL_PASSWORD", extension="RINGCENTRAL_EXTENSION" )

import_leads() except Exception as e: print(e)

```php tab="PHP"
/************ Install PHP SDK wrapper **************
$ composer require engagevoice-sdk-wrapper:dev-master



// Instantiate the SDK wrapper object with your RingCentral app credentials
$ev = new EngageVoiceSDKWrapper\RestClient("RC_APP_CLIENT_ID", "RC_APP_CLIENT_SECRET");
  // Login your account with your RingCentral Office user credentials
}catch (Exception $e) {
    print $e->getMessage();

function read_dial_groups(){
  global $ev;
  $endpoint = 'admin/accounts/~/dialGroups';
    $resp = $ev->get($endpoint);
    $jsonObj = json_decode($resp);
    foreach ($jsonObj as $group){
      if ($group->dialGroupName == "My Dial Group - Predictive"){
  }catch (Exception $e) {
      print $e->getMessage();

function read_group_campaigns($dialGroupId){
  global $ev;
  $endpoint = 'admin/accounts/~/dialGroups/' . $dialGroupId . "/campaigns";
    $resp = $ev->get($endpoint);
    $jsonObj = json_decode($resp);
    foreach ($jsonObj as $campaign){
      if ($campaign->campaignName == "API Test"){
  }catch(Exception $e) {
      print $e->getMessage();

function load_campaign_leads($campaignId){
  global $ev;
  $endpoint = 'admin/accounts/~/campaigns/' . $campaignId . "/leadLoader/direct";
  $params = array (
    "description" => "Prospect customers",
    "dialPriority" => "IMMEDIATE",
    "duplicateHandling" => "REMOVE_FROM_LIST",
    "listState" => "ACTIVE",
    "timeZoneOption" => "NOT_APPLICABLE",
    "uploadLeads" => array (
      array (
         "leadPhone" => "1111111111",
         "externId" => "1",
         "title" => "Dr.",
         "firstName" => "Jeff",
         "midName" => "John",
         "lastName" => "Malfetti",
         "suffix" => "Jr.",
         "address1" => "3101 Fake St.",
         "address2" => "Suite 120",
         "city" => "Rock",
         "state" => "CO",
         "zip" => "80500",
         "email" => "test@test.com",
         "gateKeeper" => "Some one",
         "auxData1" => 30,
         "auxData2" => "a",
         "auxData3" => 100,
         "auxData4" => "aa",
         "auxData5" => 1000,
         "auxPhone" => "1111111110",
         "extendedLeadData" => array (
            "important" => "data",
            "interested" => true
      array (
         "leadPhone" => "2222222222",
         "externId" => "222",
         "firstName" => "Jason",
         "midName" => "",
         "lastName" => "Black",
         "address1" => "1514 Bernardo Ave",
         "city" => "New York",
         "state" => "NY",
         "zip" => "10001",
      array (
         "leadPhone" => "3333333333",
         "externId" => "333",
         "firstName" => "Rich",
         "lastName" => "Dunbard"
    $resp = $ev->post($endpoint, $params);
    print ($resp);
  }catch(Exception $e) {
      print $e->getMessage();