Programmable Meetings API

Integrate the ability to host and start meetings with key business tools to bring employees, customers, and partners together with video and voice conferencing.

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Create meetings and manage access

Start and control meeting access, send notifications to participants

Create and start meetings on demand; easily password protect the created meetings to control and limit who can attend. Automatically record a meeting and set audio access options. Programmatically retrieve meeting information and send out reminder notifications as needed.

Update or change meeting information with this API

Meetings change; retrieve the meeting information and alter it as needed

When a meeting time or date needs to be changed use the API to retrieve the existing meeting information, change it as desired and update your attendees.

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End or delete meetings

Control meeting activities with the API

Use the API to end meetings when they are finished. You can even  retrieve a list of scheduled meetings and cancel any that are no longer needed.

Meetings API code samples

Starting and controlling meetings couldn’t be easier with our SDKs for JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby and more.
             var endpoint = "/restapi/v1.0/account/~/extension/~/meeting"
    var resp = await, {
              topic: 'Test Meeting',
              meetingType: 'Instant',
              allowJoinBeforeHost: true,
              startHostVideo: true,
              startParticipantsVideo: false

    var jsonObj = await resp.json()
    console.log( 'Start Your Meeting: ' + jsonObj.links.startUri )
    console.log( 'Meeting id: ' + )

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you manage your meeting communications, here are some of the most common questions. Of course, you can always ask our community or contact our developer support for any questions you might have.

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