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Video and MVP APIs

What is a CASC score?

Cloud API Service Consistency (CASC) scores are calculated by a third party as part of their monitoring, scoring, and review of RingCentral's APIs. The CASC score is based on API uptime, reliability, speed, and other factors across tested regions (we test across 80 regions worldwide). This score can be used to determine how trustworthy an API is, as well as benchmark against other APIs or providers. The higher the score, the more reliable the API.

Above 900
Trustworthy, reliable APIs. <4 minor incidents (eg slower responses) occur monthly.

Above 800
Overall reliable, users should expect 2-8 minor incidents (eg slower responses) monthly, but there is risk of more serious incidents such as a failed response.

Above 700
These APIs need attention from the service provider and frequently experience issues. Expect 4-12 incidents ranging in severity monthly.

Below 600
APIs are considered unacceptable/ unreliable for business use cases.
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