Configuration APIs

Manage accounts, devices, and extensions with the Configuration API

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Manage accounts, devices, and extensions

Configure RingCentral account features and settings programmatically

Quickly onboard and offboard employees with our Configuration APIs allowing you to have full control over your RingCentral accounts.  Manage account information and permissions for accounts, create new extensions using templates for faster onboarding, and quickly assign and manage devices to extensions.

Dynamic call routing and answering rules

Manage the way an extension answers calls, reports its status presence, and receives forwarded calls.

Create smarter call and messaging workflows with the ability to customize call rules and setup call queues. Implement the answering rules, provide the presence status of an extension (offline, busy, or available), and optionally return a list of extension numbers for call forwarding and call flipping.

route calls

Control paging features with the API

Configure how and when group or individual pages are created and distributed.

Keep your teams up to date by automating configuration of RingCentral Paging including creating paging only groups, assigning paging devices and/or desk phones, and authorizing users to access the group.

Configuration API code samples

Configuring RingCentral couldn’t be easier with our SDKs for C#, JavaScript, PHP, and Python.
            const rcsdk = new SDK({server: process.env.serverURL,
    appKey: process.env.clientId, appSecret: process.env.clientSecret});
const platform = rcsdk.platform();
platform.login({ 'jwt': process.env.RC_JWT }).then(() => {
    ${extensionId}/presence`, queryParams).then((r) => {

Configuration API frequently asked questions

To help you get the most out of your RingCentral account, we have collected some of the most commonly asked questions. Of course, you can always ask our community or contact our developer support.

What is the Configuration API?

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How do I determine if agents are available to take incoming calls?

If I have multiple business locations, can I control agents based on location?

Before the integration, we didn’t really have real-time insight to resource allocation. Now, we can react in real time.
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PlanOmatic doesn’t miss a single appointment with RingCentral messaging.
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We can initiate calls directly, which makes it easier for our team to call customers and reduces misdials.
Mark Hansen Customer Happiness Phone Team Manager
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