Glip - Team Messaging API for Business

Embed team messaging and task automation into your business flows with Glip APIs. Easily synchronize notifications into a single location and programmatically generate Glip message content.

See what you can build with our Glip - Team Messaging API


Build custom integrations and bots

Go beyond our out-of-the-box integrations to integrate your innovative or complex services with Glip.

Bot framework support

Get started quickly using prebuilt bot adapters for bot frameworks, including Botkit, Hubot, Lita, and Errbot.

Direct and team messaging support

One-on-one or group chat support. Add and remove participants dynamically.

Real-time notifications

Enable real-time notifications, including webhooks, on posts and messages to groups.

Message formatting

Support text formatting, including bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, emojis, and code blocks.

Message history

Programmatically retrieve historical group conversations.

List team members

Get accurate counts of team membership, including individual team members.

Unified platform

Single platform to build bots with integrated communication services.
Access to and usage of RingCentral APIs require a RingCentral Office Premium or Ultimate subscription. Benefits and usage entitlements from such subscription-including voice minutes and SMSs-from your Office Premium or Ultimate subscription extend to your apps.

APIs in action


“One unified API for messaging and communication made building our Cloze integration with RingCentral and Glip a breeze. No one else in this market has such a simple and well thought out API strategy.”

- Dan Foody, CEO and Founder

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