Revolutionize communication
with our programmable
configuration APIs

Robust account configuration capabilities include
presence notifications, authorization profiles,
answering rules, push notifications, forwarding
numbers, extensions, and paging.

Use the configuration APIs to automate business workflows
to create new users, handle authentication, enable call event
notifications, create custom call flows and queue routing
rules, and more.

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Our Configuration API for developers includes these great features
Build complex business workflows for onboarding and communications management.

Account Management

Return basic account information about a RingCentral account.

Extension Management

Manage extensions and create user templates for faster onboarding.

Device Management

Get and assign devices to extensions.
Presence Status

Presence Status

Return the presence status of an extension (offline, busy, or available).
Authorization Profile

Authorization Profile

Return a list of user permissions granted during authorization.
Answering Rules

Answering Rules

Implement the answering rules for an extension.
Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Return the list of subscriptions created by a user on a client app.
Forwarding Numbers

Forwarding Numbers

Return the list of extension numbers for call forwarding and call flipping.
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Configuration API code samples

Configuring your application couldn’t be easier with our SDKs for C#, JavaScript, PHP, and Python.

  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Python
            RestClient rc = new RestClient(
await rc.Authorize(
var r = await rc.Restapi().Account(accountId).


Configuration API frequently asked questions

To help you get the most out of your RingCentral account, we have collected some of
the most commonly asked questions. Of course, you can always ask our community or contact our developer support for any questions you might have.

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