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Voice APIs
Incorporate voice and phone functionality into your apps with RingCentral Voice APIs.
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Targeted and bulk SMS with deep insights and regulatory compliance built-in.
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Team Messaging APIs
Build chatbots, notifications, and add-ins within RingCentral Team Messaging.
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Video APIs
High quality, secure video meetings for everyone - in the browser without the need for an app.
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Fax APIs
Add programmable and customizable Fax capabilities to your applications.
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Data APIs
Manage and ensure regulatory compliance with call data, message data, and video recordings.

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            static private async Task call_ringout()
    RestClient rc = new RestClient("client_id", "client_secret", false);
    await rc.Authorize("rc_jwt");
    var parameters = new MakeRingOutRequest();
    parameters.from = new MakeRingOutCallerInfoRequestFrom { phoneNumber = "13443334444" };
    parameters.to = new MakeRingOutCallerInfoRequestTo { phoneNumber = "13453443434" };
    parameters.playPrompt = true;

    var resp = await rc.Restapi().Account().Extension().RingOut().Post(parameters);
    Console.WriteLine("Call Placed. Call status: " + resp.status.callStatus);
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